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How to Pick a Yoga Teacher Training Program in New York City

NYC can be overwhelming, even when it comes to yoga. Here’s what you should consider when picking a studio to train at and what factors influenced the decision I made.

Yoga Bolster – Bringing Perfect Boost To Your Body

This article is intended to inform the population of the benefits of a seemingly unpopular product but which surely will mark its place in the boosting of our health especially if we immerse ourselves in the turf of yoga. I am referring to yoga bolster: the perfect wellness booster!

5 Reasons Why Guys Should Try Yoga!

For years I had avoided yoga in the same way most guys avoid ballet, synchronized swimming and expressive dance. As a guy who lives and breathes strength training, I had put yoga classes right up there with belly dancing and salsacise on the “girly exercise scale”.

All About Hot Yoga

Hot yoga gives yoga fans a fresh spin to the art. The heat from the room allows toxins to flow from the body.

Why Have a Yoga Retreat?

A Yoga Retreat is getting more popular nowadays for those who are thinking of spending a vacation. After months of working and being exposed from high levels of stress, it would be a relaxing and relieving way to spend vacation to unwind.

Choosing the Right Yoga Retreat For You

The practice of Yoga has become popular now that people are getting informed about the possible benefits that they can obtain by doing yoga. Actually, it doesn’t only provide physical benefits, but it can also provide benefits to the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspect of the body.

Simple Yoga Postures to Help You Lose Tummy Flab

The most problematic part of the body to lose weight from is the tummy. The belly region is especially most vulnerable for women who have had kids. You can lose tummy flab if you do simple yogic postures. Learn how yoga can help you achieve a flat tummy and great health.

The Advantages of Yoga For Weightlifters

Some may think that Yoga and intense weightlifting are practically opposite sides of the fitness spectrum. However, people are serious about their weightlifting may want to try out yoga as a counterpart to their daily routine.

Top Ten Yoga Benefits

Yoga is attaining more and more prominent role in our daily life, and more people are coming to know its benefits. Still many people wonder what wonders yoga can do for us, and why should we practise it regularly.

Yoga, Love and Scars on the Heart – How to Gently Open the Heart

Amazing how all cells of the heart beat in synchronicity. Heart cells continue to beat individually when removed from the heart. When they touch however, they will beat in unison.

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