Yoga For Dreamers

The Yoga Scripture – Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras

Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras, covers many different aspects of life within a text. It starts with the code of conduct and ends with the initial goal of yoga in accordance to one finding their true self. In essence, Patanjaliis Yoga Sutras is one of the most authoritative texts on yoga.

Yoga – The Centuries Old Science to Acquire and Maintain Health, Peace and Equilibrium

Though the modern world’s fetish with health and weight has rendered yoga almost an equivalent to other health care therapeutic practices, but the real Yoga-the very science of the art of Yoga is still shrouded in mystery. Most people consider it to be nothing than some jumble of postures, which once mastered, would give them overnight their desired weight or health In fact yoga is much more than some postures (Asana).

Why Practice Yoga?

Today, we live with a hectic lifestyle and we are always on the run from the moment we wake up in the morning. Most of the time we are busy with our professional appointments and handling workload, which creates more stress and tension.

Yoga to Cure Modern Day Stressors

Yoga originated out from the Hindu discipline of mind and body and made an appearance later within the sixties and seventies in the Western societies, hippie generation. Most living within that time regarded yoga as a mystical practice.

Can You Use Yoga For Back Pain Relief?

Yoga, as it is generally practiced today, involves a series of postures and stretches to both strengthen and increase flexibility. And most back pain starts with an imbalance or weakness in the core muscles that causes a strain, or else it comes from a lack of flexibility in the muscles in and connected to the back. This makes yoga the perfect method for many people who are looking for a more permanent solution to back pain.

Yoga Benefits Teens – Helps Them Deal With Many of the Challenges Specific to Adolescence

Yoga is well known as a great full body workout and a way to manage stress. These same benefits apply when teens do yoga. As well, there are a myriad of other ways in which yoga helps alleviate many of the concerns specific to the chaotic world in which teens live. Teens are at a perfect age to develop good habits. Their innate curiosity and desire for self-expression work beautifully to create fun and dynamic yoga classes. Yoga in turn empowers them with confidence and peace, allowing them to live their lives to the fullest.

Introducing Yoga to Children

Children are being brought up in a world of noise and busyness. Busy parents, school pressures, additional after school activities, computer games and fast moving TV can all add to their stress levels. School tests, falling out with friends, arguments between parents, feeling overwhelmed by homework and being bullied or teased can add to the stress as they learns how to deal with the outside world.

How to Do the Yoga Pose Downward Dog, Aka Adho Mukha Svanasana, For Beginners

Helping Beginners do the Yoga Pose Downward Facing Dog. With information about the benefits and contraindications of the pose, step by step instructions into Downward Dog, and modifications for common circumstances. Let’s get you started in the pose and in your Yoga Practice!

Enlighten Your Life With Yoga

Yoga is a popular practice that has enticed many of us to try it as a form of meditation. It is now quite trendy to engage in yoga meditations. Originating from India, yoga requires physical and mental discipline.

The Modern Yoga Movement

Yoga has really caught on. Actually, it dates back about 5,000 years, and has really only become mainstream recently. Nowadays, you see lots of people with their yoga mats across their backs, on their way to class. Did you know yoga also has stress-reducing benefits?

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