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Palo Santo is a mysterious tree that grows on the shore of South America as well as is identified with Myrrh, Frankincense and Copal. In Spanish, the name actually means “Heavenly Wood”. It is a piece of the citrus family and has sweet notes of mint, lemon and pine.

Ceremonial Benefits

The Palo Santo is delighted in by numerous for its vigorously purging and recuperating properties like Sage and Cedar. It is a strong medicine that has been advanced for its great nearness in keeping energies grounded and clear. It makes a wonderful, new smoke that works well in warding off mosquitoes and other flying bugs which is one of the prime uses for the general population who live in Peru and Ecuador. It gives an inspiring aroma that brings your vibration up in anticipation of contemplation and takes into consideration a more profound association with the Source of all creation. It is likewise said that Palo Santo upgrades innovativeness and conveys favorable luck to the individuals who are available to its magic.

Healing Benefits

Palo Santo is customarily utilized for alleviating basic colds, stress, flu manifestations, asthma, uneasiness, migraines, gloom, emotional pain, inflammation, and the sky is the limit from there. This Essential Oil is incredible for Aromatherapy and can likewise be utilized amid back rub work to help with mending.

It is incredible for calming the nervous and immune systems for quicker recovery from illness. In essential oil frame, it works well for physical torment and inflammation containing large amounts of Monotropenes and D-Limonene that are valuable for malignancy symptoms.


The best piece of this magical tree is that it is wildly created and reasonably gathered by a family that has planted more than 30000 trees once more into the region in the course of the most recent 10 years. The essential oil must be removed from dead trees and fallen branches using “Vapor Distillation” without the use of harmful solvents or chemicals.

Energetic protection and removal of negativity

At the point when utilized for smearing or consuming, palo santo can dispense with negative vitality, making a more settled, more serene space. Set an intention about what you need to get out of your space, at that point move from corner to corner, expelling any terrible vitality, inspiring your spirit, and filling your home with favorable luck.

Burning Instructions for Palo Santo Stick

Use the flame, lighter or match to touch off your stick of the Palo Santo. Hold it at around 45 degree edge indicating the tip in the downward direction of the flame. Enable it to consume for around 30 secs to 1 moment and afterward victory. Move about your workspace, home, auto, and washroom or anyplace you might want to clear the vitality. The rich smell will likewise convey peace and clearness to the minute alongside nice sentiments. Whenever completed, put the stick in a fire confirmation bowl of metal, glass or mud. The gleam will end alone unless you blow on the ash which will prop the smoke up. Continuously use the caution and regard when working with fire.

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