Why should and shouldn’t do group meditations?

I recently did an experiment where I meditated with two of my college friends for about three months. One of the reasons was to motivate them and cultivate the habit of meditation.

Here is the short and simple answer to the question, “Why should and shouldn’t do group meditation?”

Group meditationGroup meditation has a great advantage over the daily push required to meditate. The other important advantage, as Indian beliefs and scientific studies say, is that group meditation has a substantial increase in observed benefits. Whether you benefit or not also depends on who you are meditating on. Forcing a person to start meditating and meditating with him every day, when he is not really interested, would also discourage you.! So finding the right group to meditate on is really important. However, once you have a strong meditation group, or even a single partner, it will benefit you in many ways, and I will discuss these benefits here in the article.

What is group meditation really?

When people / meditators come together to perform a similar type of meditation daily, and sharing their experiences and motivating each other to meditate daily is called group meditation. Group meditation also means meditate on a cause in some cases.

What are the benefits of group meditation?

  • The most important advantage of group meditation is that it helps when you do not feel motivated and motivated to meditate. Instead of missing a meditation session, the Meditation companions will motivate you to meditate!

  • Another reason is the domino effect. It is shown in studies that meditating with a group can substantially increase the benefits of meditationit can also increase the healing effect it has on the mind and body.

  • Studies also suggest that meditating daily with the same people at the same time, increase bond and happiness among those people. It is correctly said:

“You’re who you’re with”

These are just the main benefits of group meditation.

Should I meditate in groups or not?

After knowing all the benefits, you would probably say yes. But not always, you need to meditate in groups.

Some people are introverts and they hardly manage to support a group, let alone be part of it. That’s why they will never being able to focus on meditation by the presence of so many people around him. But that doesn’t mean introverts can’t meditate in groups, once they become familiar with the group, they can do as well as others.

And not just introverts, some people like to meditate alone in its corner of the cozy world. However, I would suggest that you try group or partner meditation, and if you feel uncomfortable, you can resume your solo journey.

How often do you meditate in groups?

Now you get a little skeptical! So what should you do? I would suggest try to meditate in a group for a while. But do not stop meditation sessions alone.

Go to group meditations once or twice a weekand see if you like it or not, as you continue your solo journey.

This will benefit you in many ways. One is that you will learn a lot from the others. By listening to their experiences and sharing their own, you will know that you are not alone with problems of any kind. And you also know how to get rid of these little issues that no app or website would tell you!

No need to choose between the two!

You can include both practices in your schedule. When I was experimenting with group meditation with my friends, I did not completely give in to group meditation. I also meditated alone twice a week.

What you can do is, Start by meditating in groups twice a week. And in a month, you will know for yourself whether you enjoy group or solo meditations.

What if you want to, but you can’t meditate in a group!

There can be many situations in which yours the daily schedule does not fit with the group. Or you I can’t find any groups near you! In this case, there are websites like Meet up, where you can go and do or find groups.

You can also motivate your co-workers to meditate with you. You can be their guide and everyone will enjoy the process. I tried it with my friends as I mentioned above and it really works. Even tell them to motivate others, and you will soon have a small group of daily meditators!

You can also go on meditation retreats, there you have to meditate in a group and you can also meditate alone.

Head space group meditations

Headspace has recently started the group meditation service. But this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from the group meditations I am talking about.

There is a difference between group meditation and meditation at the same time!

And group meditation of the head space consists of meditating at the same time. The benefits of getting more meditation results do not come if you are practically meditating in a group!

What it does is just motivate you to meditate by telling you that there are 200 or 300 or any number of people meditating with you right now! And they are also usually about 10 minutes long, which is not a good time to meditate daily. You should meditate for at least 20 minutes a day to see meaningful results.

So now you know whether you should meditate in groups or aloneand how often you should meditate with a group.

If you meditate alone, Vipassana meditation is best for you, the reason is explained in this article.

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