Where should you meditate to maximize profits?

Meditating in the right place is as important as meditating at the right time. I’ve already done an article on when to meditate. And this is WHERE YOU HAVE TO MEDITATE!

There are many good places to meditate. You can actually meditate everywhere! I keep saying that meditation is a brain exercise and can be practiced virtually anywhere, but for best results, the place where you meditate also plays an important role!
First, we will talk about the needs of meditation in terms of the environment, and then I will tell you some fantastic examples where these needs are met.

So let’s get to the main topic, “Where should you meditate to maximize profits?”

Where should you meditate to maximize profits?What does a place to meditate require? And why?

  1. No noise
  1. No spectators
  1. Moderate lighting

To find out, we need to get into the meditation process! Meditation requires that we be focused on our body, or our breathing, or different sensations. A good environment can help us, while a bad environment can distract us!

1. So finding a QUIET PLACE is the key!

With a quiet place, I don’t mean to find a place where there is a drop of silence. Or a kind of confined warehouse isolated from everything!
What meditation requires is a calmness of distracting voices, and those distracting voices are people talking, or a television, or a place where you can hear a concert playing far away!
Such sounds can divert your attention to upcoming events! You will definitely focus on what the person is talking about or what song is playing, and you will start singing in your mind, and you will suddenly tell them to stop, and being the monkey that it is, they will never do it. listen to yourself !!
On the other hand, the sounds of birds whistling, slow music (no lyrics !!), the sound of water flowing in a river, the noise of the fan or even traffic, do not distract you from your focus and you can meditate on such places.
However, I would suggest that natural sounds are best compared to the noise of a fan or traffic! I find that nature has this ability to relax you from within!
Thus, in conclusion, the The place with sound is fine, but not the kind of sound that can distract you!

2. Another important thing that a site requires to meditate is fewer spectators!

Believe me, there is nothing more distracting than a couple of people passing by and watching you while you are meditating!

It may not distract some, but it definitely distracts me! and I’m not alone!
So look for a place where there is less or no foot! This will also mean that there will be fewer people’s conversations here!

3. What about lighting?

You should not meditate preferably in very dark places, as it will make you feel sleepy. And too bright spaces are not advisable either. If you are meditating outdoors, meditate in the shade of a tree, or you can also choose the time such as dawn or sunset!

What places offer the qualities needed for meditation?

There are some places where you can meditate that have these qualities, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t meditate anywhere but in these places. The reason I tell you what qualities a place needs to meditate on is that you can find more places! (and also let me know in the comments!)

  1. Terrace
  2. Countryside, near rivers or mountains!
  3. Gardens
  4. Temple room at home
  5. “On the busiest road”

1. Terrace

The terrace is a wonderful place to meditate, especially if you have some semi-open spaces on your terrace. The terrace offers the perfect conditions for meditation, as there is none, it is your own private place where no one will watch you!

Another important reason is that you will hear the wind at a higher altitude and you will no doubt hear it, and with it, you will hear the sounds of birds whistling! This makes for a wonderful environment for your mind to meditate on!
You will hear much less traffic noise below!

2. Field, near the rivers, in the mountains!

The countryside usually has a flowing river, or large farms where you are closer to nature!

No traffic noise! The strong wind can be heard. These things make your body relax.
You can also meditate on a hill or on a small mountain; you can get there!
Being close to nature is the main reason here

3. Gardens, but in the morning! (or a room / library)

The gardens, although they are public places, are a really great place to meditate early in the morning. And you might find more people meditating there to motivate you!

The setting is perfect, even more perfect than a field!
Also, meditating in the morning is the best, check out this article to learn more about the best time to meditate!

4. Your temple room at home

Find a place inside your home, preferably a place other than your bed or bedroom. It can be a temple room, a balcony, a guest room, a library, and so on. most importantly, you need to find the quietest room where your family members are seen less often.

Let’s face it, not everyone can go to the mountains and the countryside to meditate, not everyone has time to do it. Therefore, you need to find a place in your home where you can meditate regularly.
Now the key here is to meditate there every day and your mind will connect this place with meditation! Whenever you enter the room, your mind will prepare for the next meditation session. And that’s why you shouldn’t meditate in your bedroom in your bed, as it will confuse your mind whether you sleep here or meditate!
And that can make a big difference.
Tell your family members that you are meditating, so please talk quietly and without television for a while !! (and then I hope they obey you )

5. “On the busiest road”

I bet there are so many places within your own city where you can meditate and there will be no passers-by looking at you, there will be beautiful places untouched by human presence, hidden from them! Discover them, make them your own meditation retreat!

Believe me, meditating in these secret places would increase your motivation for meditation! Just keep in mind that the site must comply with the above rules!

So now you know, “Where should you meditate to maximize profits?”

Another important thing is to keep changing your location after a certain period. This will change your routine a bit and you will never get bored of meditation! Go meditate in the garden, if you can wake up early, walk around the city in your free time and find places to meditate! If nothing works, meditate in a corner of your room.
Stay tuned, although it’s okay to take a day off if you’re doing too much! But also try to make it interesting and don’t let it get too much done in the first place! If you’ve found even some valuable information, share it with your friends, who you think need more meditation! Share it on social media as well. Keep meditating!

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