What is the best time to meditate? And when NOT to meditate?

Meditation is the best practice you can do to increase your concentration, the power of your brain and body! And people want it. But it’s not easy, and it certainly can’t be achieved in a short amount of time.
What is the best time to meditate?
So what if you want faster results?
Is there any way to drive the process?
Meditation is a really difficult habit to cultivate, and if you think that reading this article you will know the secret to meditation and only meditate for 1 month instead of cultivating it as a habit, my friend, it does not work. like this!

But if you can take advantage of your busy schedule for a while, you’ll see results soon! It’s a really simple trick. It’s not really a trick; is the RIGHT way to meditate!


The time you meditate directly influences your meditation and the benefits you get from meditation!

I’m not just talking about what time of day! I’m talking about the mood you’re in, and also about the situation and the environment!
So let’s unravel the secret! “What is the best time to meditate?”
It is believed that, Brahmamuhuratha it’s the best time to meditate! But what is Brahmamuhuratha?
Brahmamuhuratha is the time between 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning. Yes! Early in the morning for some people, bedtime for others! However, this is the best time to meditate!

Why is it best to meditate in the morning?

Leaving aside all mythology and beliefs, even science says that meditating early in the morning is better. The reason is that after a good night’s sleep, your mind is calmerand you don’t have the daunting thoughts of the job you have to complete during the day or the different depressing thoughts that cover you at the end of the day.
Your mind is very fresh and can realize their full potentialand you have to use the full potential of your brain while meditating.
Think of a body analogy, you can exercise at any time of the day, but your body needs to be perfectly fit for maximum results. If your muscles are sore and you are trying to lift more, you will not get the highest goals and, above all, you are likely to get hurt.
The same goes for the mind, your mind must be working to its full potential to reap the full benefits of your meditation.
If your mind is full of unpleasant thoughts, you will never be able to concentrate!

“I can’t wake up !!!”

There are some things you can do to get rid of drowsiness early in the morning! One of them is taking a bowl of ice, or a bowl full of cold water, as you dip your head in it so how can you! This will increase your blood circulation releasing adrenaline and keep you awake and alert!
You can too take a cold shower if you wish!

Are there other time slots for meditation?

So there’s nothing you can do to wake up early? Well don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!
If you are like me and have a big problem waking up early, what time should you meditate?
The answer is simple, time when you are completely relaxed and your mind is in the state where it can provide you with the complete attention and focus you need to meditate.
The routine I have been following is meditating in the afternoon. I usually take a bath and then meditate around 7 p.m. This has worked for me because at the moment I have no more work for the day (by work I mean study). I bathe so that I feel fresh and my body does not distract me from concentration!
Sometimes, when I have more workload, I meditate at night (although it is not advisable to do so).
It also depends on the type of meditation you want to do! If you enjoy some form of sleep meditation, you should probably meditate before bed or immediately after dinner.

The other important thing is the state of your mind!

This can be a debatable topic, as some say that one should meditate when you are sad or depressed to remove sadness or depression from your body. But if you like concentration meditation, that it is advisable not to meditate with stress or excitement for something that does not occur to you more than that!

The simple reason for this is that your brain will not allow you to focus on your breathing or other focus while you are meditating. You will have hundreds of different thoughts running through your mind.
This is similar to when your body is busy with a task at hand. If you’re typing on a keyboard, it’s impossible to do biceps curls at once! Your mind, when it is so focused on something, cannot focus on meditation.
But as you meditate more and more, your mind will reach its emotional balance, which will help you to meditate even in these times. (That’s the reason for meditation, isn’t it?)
Meditating in the morning is best for you, do it very early in the morning if you can! (Only a few people have their night shift, most people are asleep or probably partying on a yacht!)
And if you can’t wake up early and meditate early, you need to meditate when your mind is fresh and free of distracting thoughts.


There are meditations, such as the sleep meditation, which you do while you sleep. There are even meditations that you do to get rid of stress or anxiety, and there are also meditations aimed at short breaks between your work.
These types of meditations have a specific purpose and should be done at a certain time, and not necessarily in the early hours of the morning.
So set the alarm for 4, get up, take a cold shower, meditate for 20 minutesand get ready for an amazing day!
So here is the answer to your question, “What is the best time to meditate? And what is not! “
I would suggest that you follow all the steps I have already explained in this article as you begin your meditation session. Maintain consistency and make meditation a habit. Share this article with people you think might benefit from it. Explore the types of meditations (start with 5 types) and you will learn overtime, what meditation should teach you and what no one else can teach you but meditation!

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