What is common in the art of meditation and ancient Greek philosophy

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The history of meditation dates back 5,500 years. It was initially approved verbally, but about 3,500 years ago, the first writings on it were found in an Indian valley. The art of meditation focuses on the body, mind and soul.

On the other hand, Greek philosophy was based on four elements, namely, earth, water, air and fire. Everything on earth is made of these four. Greek philosophy on the four elements bears a resemblance to the teaching of meditation.

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Origins of meditation: the three components

There is no written evidence of meditation between 5,500 BC and 3,500 BC. The oldest records can be traced from Hindu scriptures and philosophical writings. In one of the archives, a philosopher named Ishvarakrishna wrote the Samkhya philosophy.

In writing, he describes a cosmology that revolves around dynamic tension. The activities included in this tension are 3: the mind, the indriya (sensory and motor skills) and the bhuta (the gross elements of the concrete bodies).

If the individual can control and subdue all three, they are released and can no longer act compulsively. It was from this philosophical teaching that yoga developed.

The four elements

Aristotle taught that these four elements were the basis of medicine, philosophy, and science. Hippocrates went further and described the elements as constituting the four temperaments which were the four senses of humor of the human body.

Theories were combined to state that the four temperaments emanating from the four elements needed to be balanced in the human body so that the individual could be healthy in mind and body.

Antigone in ancient Greek philosophy

Antigone is one of the oldest books written in ancient Greek philosophy and dates back to 442 BC. She wanted to bury her murdered brother, but the king would not allow her. She was willing to accept the death penalty as long as she was allowed to bury it. This is one of the books you can write an essay about. By reading the book, you can also write an essay on meditation. If you need more information about the book, you can check out Antígona’s essay resources at GradesFixer. On the website, you can get more sample essays and choose the one that suits you.

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Yoga: Liberation Techniques

The Samkhya philosophy was further developed and more techniques evolved, which would help to liberate the body, mind and soul more quickly. According to history dating back to 200 BC, yoga is defined as a restriction of the question of the mind to subdue the soul and body. Health experts have argued that yoga has many benefits for meditation for students.

The healing factor through the four elements

The Greeks seemed more liberal and studied the four elements more closely and came up with two schools of thought. One was about the forces of attraction and repulsion, which held up all matter, changing from time to time.

The second school was that the four elements could be brought into the balance between the body and nature to trigger healing.

Air – Related to the mind, which is the intellectual part of human nature.

Water – Related to the soul and composed of emotions, wisdom and energy.

Earth: Connected to the body, it tries to take care of physical well-being.

Fire: Connected with the inspiration that, according to the Greeks, was the one that caused the real healing.

The similarities

Eastern philosophers were not as concerned with science and medicine as Western philosophers were. They took the art of balancing the mind, body, and soul seriously, and the monks appreciated the art because it helped them to be inspired by the scriptures. On the other hand, the Greeks sought to balance the elements of the body to help them achieve more discoveries in science and medicine.

Although each had a different school of thought, the art of meditation and the art of balancing the four elements had a result: – subjecting the body, mind, and soul to trigger healing, a better imagination, relaxation and an awakening of the soul.


Ancient philosophers played an important role in shaping today’s society. Eastern philosophers taught meditation, and today, people use meditation to improve their mental and physical health. Greek philosophers were more concerned with science and healing, and today science has made life easier in many ways. No matter how big or small their discoveries are, today, their importance is felt all over the world.

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