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Throughout my life I have been developing a stronger connection with the non-physical aspect of myself, which we can call my energy or my soul. I haven’t written too much about how energy affects my movements because it’s a direct experience that fades quickly after my movement sessions.

Fortunately, for the past 4 months, I have been recording my experience with movement every day. As I do this, I find it easier to write about my experience with moving energy. Talking about energy can sometimes be disconnected from physical reality. I will do my best not to do that.

For the last 2 months I have been more aware that there is a different energy when I train during the day or in the evening. I’ve been observing this difference constantly on a daily basis and I think it’s worth talking about today.

We talk about training energy during the day, this has been labeled as Yang energy or male energy. When I feel the energy of the day I want to get things done. I found it easier to move around during the day when I have a structured plan to follow. I would add that during the day my attention may be a little harder to focus on what my current job is. I have reduced it to the fact that during the day there are more things around me that can be very energizing, in addition to having the potential to distract.

This type of workout has been balancing with night workout vibes that have been labeled as Yin or feminine energy. After putting my son to bed after completing the day’s chores and having lunch. After that everything is fixed from my day. Then I feel that my intuition can begin to move forward, as I slowly sink into the space of not having to “get” anything or be anything specific. I lose the idea that I know something about myself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (scary hahaha). Then I work with the gentle intention of aligning myself and healing myself from my daytime “work”.

I’ve been doing my best to balance daytime activities with the stillness mixed into all of my structured workout routines. I also try to integrate what I learn about myself into my Yin practice in my Yang training. As I have found that even though I do my best to listen to my body during the day, vigorous training still causes some misalignment and discomfort. Finally, during daytime training, I do my best to bring the feeling and remind myself that I don’t need to “get” anything right away. This allows me to be more present in my body.

I do my best to balance Yin practices with part of the structure I created for the day. How could I use some of the exercises I do during the day, but with a completely different feeling and result. Also, the approach I cultivate during the day is crucial in helping me learn about my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. So when I’m stretched and I exist, I can use the strong approach I worked to achieve, to help me tune into any pain in my body. This approach causes both stillness and movement without my conscious efforts. In addition, it has generated memories and feelings for me that I feel I need to feel and integrate into my life experience.

Making assumptions about how yin and yang work together will not work for me. I would say that when it catches my attention to think and create ideas, it creates a space for me to experience life through my body. They have talked to me about yin and yang and shown me how to cultivate these energies in the past, and I will share this direct experience that can be very amazing. I wouldn’t have expected what comes to the surface.

You may have noticed by reading this that I am looking to find balance within my training. I’m doing my best not to fall into the idea that one energy is more important than the other. I will continue to do my best to bring both energies to my workout in an equal way.

What I would recommend if you are looking for it is to start an observation process and nothing else. If your mind is wild, the first step is to learn to focus your thoughts on your body. It requires practice and there is no way to avoid it. This statement can be balanced with another that reminds you that you have to be kind to yourself, it’s worth celebrating 1 second of space! A single moment of total attention is worth any effort.

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