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Yoga – An Alternative Method For Mind and Body Relaxation

There is an alternative method where we can relax and at the same time unite with our bodies without spending much money and that is through doing yoga. Yoga has been a very popular method of relaxation practiced by many individuals all over the world. Through yoga, an individual may be able to embrace life wholeheartedly and it is one way for man to discipline his mind and body, communicate and unite with his body.

Yoga For Women – Five Easy Yoga Poses to Keep You Happy and Boost Your Energy

As a working mum, you have a multitude of tasks and activities to complete. In any one day, you probably play the role of mother, work colleague, sister, daughter, friend, partner, neighbour and financial advisor as you try and balance your family budget.

Top Five Yoga Exercises to Help You Sleep Well

Have you ever arrived home from work feeling stressed, tired or fatigued? When you feel like this it is tempting just to slump down in front of the TV, pop a pizza in the microwave for dinner and pray your children occupy themselves chatting to their friends on Facebook.

Yoga Central – Crane Pose

This is the latest article in our yoga central series and today we will be looking at a pose known as crane pose or Bakasana. We will look at how to properly carry out the pose, the benefits you can get from it and anything that you need to consider before beginning. Please read the entire article before trying the pose.

Yoga Clothing Tips – Bamboo Active Wear

Yoga is increasingly becoming a common pastime of many people; helping them to relax after a stressful day and improve their health and well-being. And as Yoga is an ancient art, and is as much about being one with nature as it is to improve health and well-being, being eco-friendly and caring about the environment is conducive with the thinking behind Yoga.

Just What Effect Does Yoga and Diet Have on the Body? (Part 1)

Okay, we have heard over and over to exercise and eat right for improvement and maintenance of our health, but though for some it may be just a fun or “the” thing to do, have you ever really wondered WHY exercise and diet is so important for the body. Well, let’s see. I will go over each of the systems that are benefited by exercise.

Healthy Lifestyle in a Modern World

During the recent years many people have started doing exercise, taking yoga classes and also following strict diet in many countries. The reasons behind these activities are many like work stress, people suffering from diabetes, people taking lots of fats in their food and due to the pollution and the on going urbanization.

Who’s Who in Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the most popular and widespread tradition of Yoga and is especially accessible in the western cultures that have adopted it for both is physical and mental wellbeing aspects. Within the Hatha tradition, there have been a number of prominent practitioners whose influence has been so marked that schools of Yoga have adopted their versions and gone on to inspire others. Here’s a quick ‘who’s who’ in Hatha Yoga and the styles they developed.

Your First Yoga Class – Quick Start Guide

So, you’re interested in Yoga and have decided that you might give a yoga class a go. Perhaps a friend or family members has encouraged you, or perhaps you have seen some advertising of a local class. Whatever your interest and reason for looking into yoga classes, here’s your quick start guide to give you everything you need to know to get started with yoga class.

Yoga For Stress Relief – 3 Popular Ways to Feel More in Control Using Yoga

Like most people, you live a busy life. There are bills to pay, child care, parenting matters to sort out and of course you desire to have some sort of me time. How is all this possible? Especially if you work full time and your head is full of projects and things to do.

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