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Learn Yoga – It is All You Ever Need

To remain youthful and free from diseases, is something that all of us would wish for in our lifetime. Although not all of us will be fortunate enough to experience the joy of life in such a way, we will label the few that do as the lucky ones, or blessed ones. Personally I find it sad that many people choose to accept to that they will never experience a life blessed with good health. What ever happened to the statement ‘you are the master of your destiny’?

A Look at the Philosophy of Yoga

For many people the word yoga conjures up something only vaguely related to the lotus position. However, it is more than just one pose; it embraces not only a physical discipline but also a philosophical basis for leading one’s life. The word itself comes from ancient Sanskrit text and roughly translates to “royal union, ” which is to say a proper balance between body and mind.

The Beginners Guide to Stress Management – Three Easy Ways to Relax With Yoga

Do you struggle to keep up with the pace of work and high expectations of your boss? Do you ever feel unsupported, overly criticised or even victimised by work colleagues? Maybe you feel undervalued at work and your contributions to team development not recognised or appreciated?

Yoga Mats 101

As well as having an army of celebrity supporters, yoga is one of the most enjoyed and rewarding hobbies. Extremely beneficial for physical as well as mental conditioning, yoga is genuinely a worldwide phenomenon. There is no such thing as the perfect yoga mat, because they are designed for the many different kinds of yoga.

Are You a Procrastinator? Join the Club!

Do you find yourself putting off, waiving, tabling, suspending, deferring, adjourning and delaying certain things in your life repeatedly? I often find myself in this situation.

Tips on Buying the Perfect Yoga Clothing

In this confused world, yoga is an extraordinary means of contemplation which will bestow you the tranquility you need. You can relax and contemplate with complete comfort if you practice yoga.

The Cat Stretch – An Excellent Exercise For Your Back

The level of correct spinal alignment is important to assist in the various different functions performed by the backbone which include supporting the trunk that makes all movement possible. When your spine is injured or misaligned, it impairs the overall functioning of your back causing severe discomfort and limits your ability to move.

Famous Maharshi Ramana – His Yoga and Breathing Exercises

The famous Maharshi Ramana, of South India, who died a few years ago, was famous for his calm steadiness of vision, and also for his constant teaching of the steadiness of the I looking at the I. We come now to the last of the group of six cleansings, called ‘clearing the skull (kapalabhati).

What is Yoga, and How Does it Benefit Us?

Exercise plays a vital role in human life because it keeps the human body fit and healthy. Without exercise, no one can feel healthy and active.

The Cultivation of Chi

Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Yoga are internal modalities used for the purpose of energy cultivation. This energy, if carefully discovered in the joints of the body and successfully moved through the meridians can stimulate the organs and glands of the body to function better and secrete the proper enzymes leading to a better state of health. Yoga is popular with younger and middle aged people while tai chi and qi gong are popular with the older crowd.

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