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Top Five Benefits Of Beginning A Yoga Practice

When beginning to practice yoga, it is always wise to understand some of the benefits of your yoga practice and exactly what you are going to achieve by doing yoga. These are the five benefits that top my list.

You Are What You Eat: A Yogic Diet For The Real World

I took a Reiki Master course in November 2008. It was suggested that we not eat meat to keep our energy as pure as possible for the weekend teachings and energetic experiences. No problem. I figured I’d do it for the weekend and go back to my same old routine. Well…let me tell you that after that weekend I felt like a million bucks. Around the same time I had started a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course that touted the benefits of a yogic diet. I figured that I had already started with the “no-meat thing” and it had felt so good that I thought I could give the yogic diet a try…just to see how I would feel. I didn’t commit to anything…I figured that I’d just be a champion of the forty day trial and surrender to the experiment.

Are Yoga Clothes and Mats Necessary?

There is plenty of information on the internet where you can learn about specific yoga poses and routines. This will get you on your way to developing your own yoga routine, but you also need to acquire the right equipment and accessories. This will ensure that the exercises are enjoyable enough that you will keep doing them. You need to be comfortable enough so that you are able to more effectively push yourself to your limits.

Yoga for Mental Health: Mental and Physical Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for both the mind and the body. In addition to being a great way to get fit and stay flexible, yoga is a wonderful stress reduction technique. Find out how yoga can help your life.

Lean And Fit – Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in Germany some time in 1880 and unfortunately then, he always suffered with asthma and rickets. He was one of those boys who wanted to live a normal life. And by normal, he meant active. And so from then on, because of his incapacity to join physical activities, he started to have one goal in mind. And that is to help other people overcome their disabilities. To be lean and fit was his goal – and that you didn’t have to be athletic or buffed just to have a fit and lean body.

New Mum? Try Mother and Baby Yoga!

Do you want to create a warm and loving atmosphere for your baby? Enjoy a shared experience that encourages you to bond with your child and boosts happiness and wellbeing. Why not try Mother and Baby Yoga?

Rhythms of Reality, Spirituality and Success! PART 1

Did you know unnoticed patterns of the mind underlie all we perceive? What we perceive is actually only the surface of the totality, a fraction of our reality. We only consciously experience what we perceive, but if we are only experiencing the surface portion of the totality, we inadvertently allow the patterns to dominate. Here is everything you need to know to free your mind and experience unlimited potential!

Premium Yoga Mat – Keep Your Palms From Injuries

Many of the injuries and pain we experience from wrong practice of yoga asanas could be easily fixed by adjusting our palms. Wrong yoga practice affects our body in ways we sometimes do not understand fully, and having the right mat and the right knowledge should save us a lot of problems. Learn the common palm-placement yoga mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Yoga For Athletes – A Powerful Combination

Athletes all around the world and in every major sport all have a common desire; to be better at their sport. Some people spend extra hours in practice while others hire a personal coach to help them in the off season. Other people study film of the best people in their sport to try and glean one new tip or technique that will help their game. Yoga for athletes is another technique people can use to improve their performance.

Yoga For Men – Who Says Yoga Is Only For Women?

Men typically enjoy more rugged forms of exercising such as weightlifting or sports like mountain bike riding. However, the benefits of yoga are not gender exclusive. Yoga for men can help in a lot of different ways that may be surprising to a lot of guys.

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