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Pranayama Yoga Increases Joy in Life

Pranayama Yoga is the ancient time tested practice of using the breath for health. Health as in being happy, fully alive, filled with vitality and fully well and creative in all aspects.

Bikram Yoga

This article deals with Bikram Yoga. You will get know about the techniques of this form of yoga.

Hot Yoga

This article talks about hot yoga. You will get information on hot yoga exercises.

Lotus Yoga

Yoga is a unique way to clean one’s mind and body. By carrying out the right way of yogic postures one would be able to attain a fit and fine body. There are various forms of yoga. Lotus yoga is one of the forms of yoga which consists of beautiful yogic postures that resemble the shape of the flower lotus.

How to Have Healthy Relationships Using Yoga

You must have heard about the several benefits of yoga. But are you aware of how it can help you to have better relationships and give you the power to perform your responsibilities towards such relationships in a better way? If not, it’s time to know this secret.

Hatha Yoga, Personal Growth, and the Environment

Among the members of many noble causes, you will find Yogis and Yoginis. Causes such as: Charities for curing diseases, world peace, and saving the natural environment are filled with Hatha Yoga practitioners. While it is true that these people are performing Karma Yoga, what is it that draws them toward giving to others?

Practice Yoga to Create a Positive Life Plan in Two Easy Steps

How can Yoga give you the insight and vision to develop a life plan that is optimistic? What holds you back from opportunities? These questions become life riddles for those of us who lose our way during the journey of life. Let’s take an in-depth look at these two riddles and create a positive life plan for you.

Making Hatha Yoga a Daily Habit

How, and why, should Hatha Yoga become a daily habit? If we want to succeed in life, the habits we create will contribute to our personal development. We could let habits go their merry way and become addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and many more self-destructive paths.

Practicing Hatha Yoga For a Personal Growth Path

In Yoga classes, we are taught about Santosha (contentment). Yet, how can we be content with our lives, when we are influenced by the past, and the society we live in? We have to accept the fact that we are products of our family, culture, and education. To accept oneself at “face value” and without judgment is the beginning of finding inner peace.

Ready For Sexy Yoga? Ditch the Yoga Clothing and Free Yourself, Yoga Naked Style

Who says yoga is all about yoga pants and baggy pants? The only thing better for performing yoga than comfortable, loose fitting yoga clothing is your bare skin. Naked yoga is fast becoming a movement sweeping the northern world where social temperatures seem to be rising more by the year.

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