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Is Mindfulness a Meditation?

Is mindfulness a meditation? Mindfulness has become a popular word nowadays. We hear it within multiple context.

What Are the Different Methods of Meditation?

Just what is meditation? What are the goals? Meditation has so many permutations worldwide; it is difficult to precisely define just what meditation is. Although meditation has been widely researched by science in the past decades, the mechanism by which it works is still unknown. One of the earliest written records of meditation can be found in the Hindu culture, about 1500 BCE. Later, about 400 BCE, Taoism developed in China, and Buddhism in India. Religious meditation practices are found in many major religions, including Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Baha’i, Taoism, and Judaism. for the purpose of Webster’s dictionary defines meditate as “to engage in contemplation or reflection; and 2) to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness”.

The Koshas and Infinity: Physical, Energetic, Mental, Contemplative and Spiritual Implications

Infinity operates in all facets of existence. Relating the concept of to everyday activities brings the realization that one can truly be part of ‘The All’. The yoga theory of sheaths, Koshas, are the conduit by which human activity and existence, on corporeal, cerebral and spiritual levels, can be related to Infinity.

Ten Points of Posture For Your Basic Meditation Practice

A meditation practice is not only the foundation of any spiritual discipline, it is the basis of a healthy, happy lifestyle. In my previous article I gave instructions for the most basic (which is not to say easiest) of meditation practices. Here we will explore the ten points of good posture while sitting in meditation.

How to ‘Sing’ Then Choose a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Easy step by step instructions on how to ‘sing’ a Tibetan singing bowl. Then some helpful suggestions on how to then choose the optimum bowl for you.

Isn’t Meditation Fun?

Today people call lots of different things “meditation”. Going to our “happy place”, listening to music, zoning out. All these activities have been called meditation but are they? I would say no. Meditation is a discipline and an art form. It is literally training the mind. But what really amazes me is the idea that meditation should be fun!

Meditation: A Lifesaver for Working Moms

It’s no surprise to anyone that working moms have to cope with a significant amount of stress in their day to day lives. What is surprising is the way in which many working moms manage their stress, or more accurately stated, do not manage their stress.

I Can’t Find My Breath, How Can I Meditate?

One of the early problem many beginners, who attempt to start meditation, face is they cannot get hold of their breath. Sometimes people are aware of this fact and other times they are not aware that they are not able to find their breath predominantly or vividly. And because of not being able to find the breath they have no anchor for their meditation practice.

Using Koshi Wind Chimes to Enhance Your Meditation-Relaxation Calmness

To remain detached from the ‘thinking’ mind is the goal of every meditator and those seeking a calm and peaceful existence. In those moments of deep relaxation and inner silence a deep and abiding calmness is realized. Then maintaining a calm awareness through the remainder of the day is a key test of how your practice is progressing.

How to Achieve Inner Peace and Lasting Happiness With Vipassana

As a Vipassana meditator, you learn to see things the way they are. So let’s start at the beginning and answer the question: Why do Vipassana? What’s the point?

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