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Is a Chakra Meditation Worth Your Time?

While chakra cleansing meditations can be beneficial are they the best use of your time? This article explains why, if you have limited time to meditate, a chakra cleansing meditation may not be your best choice.

9 Ways Meditation Can Improve Your Life

Meditation is the process and practice of focusing your attention. When you focus your mind, you are able to concentrate better. As you learn to develop your concentration, you can guide your thoughts more effectively. When you have control of your thoughts, you gain power. When you gain power, you start feeling more relaxed, you enjoy life, you can accomplish more, and your health improves.

What Meditation Has Done For Me? Meditation – It Just Wasn’t For Me?

Before my meditation practice I loved self medicating with alcohol and prescription medication, which validated my problems but thankfully that’s no longer necessary. Everything slowly starts to fall out of order.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation and Enjoy the Benefits

We definitely live in a hectic world, don’t you think? Probably most of you will agree. And we surely lack when it comes to mindfulness.

Connecting to Meditation Certification Programs

If you want to enhance your lifestyle and develop new methods, then practicing meditation can help. If you want to further this with advanced techniques, then looking at meditation certification programs can help you to move into advanced teachings.

But I Have Heard Meditation Means Emptying the Mind of Thoughts!

Does mediation really mean emptying the mind of the thoughts? Many people have this idea that meditation is all about emptying the mind. Meaning not having thoughts or completely stopping the thoughts.

What Are The Best Meditation Methods For Anxiety?

While all types of meditation are good for you, some work better than others for specific situations. If you are stressed and anxious, then knowing the best meditation methods for anxiety will give you the quickest chance to calm down.

The Best Meditation Techniques

Learn the best meditation techniques. Find ways to explore and develop health, wealth, peace and prosperity in your life by using different meditation concepts.

Can Meditation Help Me Sleep?

Most of us can attest to having one night that we were unable to sleep. Tossing and turning in our beds wishing that we slip off into dream land. Unfortunately, many people struggle nightly to fall asleep and stay asleep. Are you one of the many struggling nightly, asking yourself what will help me sleep? Recent studies reveal how insomnia can be treated with this simple technique.

What Are Different Types of Meditations?

There are many types of meditations that can be performed. Different cultures and religious traditions engage in literally hundreds of types of various meditative practices. Different authorities on meditation have their own classification of the core types of meditations.

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