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Meditation – The Key to Success

Meditation is a unique and very simple way of giving rest to the mind in the most natural way. Every human being has been gifted with a unique mind, great inner strength and energy which unlocks further when he begins meditating. Meditation is a way of directing the mind on the subconscious level to gradually slow down its working processes related with our mind.

Meditation For Those Who Like It Simple

Many people often seek advise for methods to find calm and relaxation. They are wanting simple methods of turning off the voice that inside the mind that does not seem to quiet and some days it does not sleep either.

6 Reasons to Be Addicted to Meditation

In nutshell, “Meditation” can be used as a therapeutic tool in our life. You will be absolutely experienced the paybacks. If you don’t have the time to do it twice a day, then you can do it once a day for 15-20 minutes. Do it consistently and get benefited.

Conscious Design – Creating a Meditation Space

Combining the principles of Sacred Geometry, Vastu-Yoga of interiors and Conscious living we come to the forefront of having a designated space for spiritual yoga or meditation, creating and evolving our connection to the source, the divine universe. It encourages consistency and builds up on your conscious resolve to awareness of your surroundings and the energy vibrations they carry. Welcoming you with its serene warmth and uplifting your spirits your sacred space calms your mind while driving it towards awareness of the supreme consciousness.

Zazen Meditation – First Experience

Meditation has been a part of my life for about 2 decades now. I have done many forms of meditation, mostly visualization, silence and guided. When I was introduced to Zazen meditation through a MeetUp group in my local area it blew my mind. There are three principles in the Buddhist tradition that the teacher went over. In this article I will discuss my first experiences with Zazen meditation and go over those three principles that are important to all of life.

Debunking The Exotic Retreat Myth

Hardly a week goes by when I do not receive yet another invitation to go on an exotic retreat. Yesterday it was Mount Shasta, last week I was asked to go on a cruise to clear my mind and reboot. The spin around exotic retreats has reached a point where I felt I had to point out some contradictions which should be obvious, alas most people are not aware of them.

Powerful Meditation Methods

This article is about powerful meditation techniques which will help you to begin your meditation with small and specific steps. This article share quick techniques which will support you in focusing on your mind and show you the simple path towards enlightenment.

5 Ways Technology Can Help You Practise Yoga and Meditation in the Comfort of Home

Technology often gets a bit of a bad reputation where mental and physical wellbeing is concerned. However, as well as the bad impacts of technology, there are lots of new technologies out there that have emerged to help us look after ourselves more. In particular, in this article I want to focus on 5 technologies that anyone can use to meditate or practise yoga at home.

You Think Meditation Is A Waste Of Time? Read On

So, you think meditation is a waste of time, your day is filled to the rim and the mere thought of adding yet another thing to your already overstuffed day is simply too much to contemplate. In a world that is full of distractions you may be forgiven to think like this.

Five Unknown Facts About Meditation

Meditation has become a common term among the society right now. It has spread its roots deep down starting from the corporate world to the common mass. The number of yoga institutions has boomed recently and numerous terms for meditation practices are coined to attract people in this path. Here the author discusses about five myths that most of the people have regarding meditation.

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