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Yoga For Height Increase

As you may know, Yoga is an ancient exercise technique/philosophy that originated in India centuries ago. It was developed by Hindu holy men in accordance with the practices and philosophies of traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) that sought to bring together the body and mind in unison.

Yoga Senior Health Spa – Seven Rules of Positioning

During Forward Flexion/Bending all of us hinge from the hips, activating the abdominal muscles, and keep your knees light (or bent) to keep length and strength within the spine. You should keep away from bending from the lumbar spine.

Why is Yoga is Good For You?

Yoga is a relatively easy exercise activity despite the seemingly complicated look of the poses. Even though you may be put off by Yoga, you may begin to ponder why it is good for you.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Mantras and Affirmations

When teaching Yoga classes, the modern student is likely to question many aspects of Yoga. Students have to feel results in order to believe in Yogic methods. Until a student feels improvement, he or she may need information to explain why we practice specific techniques.

What is the Best Yoga Mat?

Looking for the best yoga mat? With all the available options in the market, it’s best to find out the key features the mat needs to have before you invest your money in it.

Ashtanga Yoga – How to Do Sun Salute Part A

Sun Salute Part A is the first sequence in the Ashtanga Yoga Series. This article outlines the key facets of this sequence.

How You Can Become a Creative Hatha Yoga Teacher

Most Yoga teachers follow the lineage, which was designed before them. This is an excellent path to take, as our colleagues share collective thoughts within the “think tank” of a specific style. We have been told, “If we follow the traditional path of our Guru and colleagues, we cannot go wrong.”

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Faith and Yogic Lifestyle

Do we have faith in Yoga? If we invest time in daily Yoga practice, we have faith in it. Some of us may have moderate, to deep faith, in the universal concepts of Yoga. Yet, if there is any unethical or fanatic behavior, due to faith, that story will make front page news.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Set an Intention For Your Lesson Plan

At the beginning of each class, Yoga teachers often prompt students to set an intention for their practice. This is usually part of the opening, or greeting, at the beginning of a Yoga session. Bringing a student’s mental focus into the present moment can be accomplished in many ways.

Yogic Powers

Yoga, the new way of living, that is embraced by generation next. Avail the benefits by regularly practicing yoga and lead a healthy and long life.

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