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Soul Calling – Know How to Stabilize Your Chakra

Knowing your soul calling involves being able to balance our chakras for true poise and health. If you are aware of your chakras, then you probably know that it is significant to keep our chakras strong so that we are also healthy inside out. The difficulty is that since most of us are living a fast paced lifestyle, there are many stressors that can hinder the normal flow of energy of our chakra, thus affecting our soul calling.

Meditation Techniques – Using Colored Candles During Your Meditation

There are lots of meditation techniques that you can use and one of them is using candles. The reason why candles are one of the meditation techniques is that they can calm your surroundings and your mind and body can be in a peaceful state.

Back From the Brink – The Power of Meditation

My journey to a new body and a new life began with a difficult pregnancy and an emergency cesarean section birth. By the time I gave birth, I was a size 18 and 61 pounds overweight. At 5’2″, I was putting a tremendous strain on my knees and hips.

Easy to Follow Zen Meditation Techniques to Bring You to Enlightenment

Stress and anxiety are obstacles in the path to enlightenment. True inner peace is the only way to reach your goal of enlightenment. If you are new to zen meditation or you are looking for an easier way to meditate consider using audio specifically tuned to lower brainwaves.

Meditation – Find Inner Peace

Meditation is being discovered by people from all walks of life and is being adopted for all sorts of reasons. One of the most powerful outcomes of the practice however is the enhanced calm and inner peace that it brings. This article brings some examples of this and concludes with a simple meditation technique that you can practice today.

The Amazing Benefits of Self-Hypnosis

After almost a year of failed treatments, my podiatrist gave me the bad news, “there really isn’t anything else I can do for you. Those plantar warts are tough sometimes. But if you’re game I know of another doctor in the building who might be able to help you”. I swallowed hard and replied, “Lead on”.

Zazen – Sitting Meditation

Focusing on the present. Clearing your mind of the clutter. Zazen with me won’t you?

Visualization Meditation

Some may find focusing on the breathing and clearing the mind challenging. For those, visualization meditation techniques are an excellent alternative. This is when a picture is created in the mind and used as the focal point of the meditation.

Are You Stressed Out? Learn How to Meditate

If you commit to learn how to meditate, you will be able to discover how to deal with stress better. When we do meditation, we silence our mind. As a result, we can concentrate more and we get the chance to feel the inner peace.

Meditation to Enrich Your Life

Meditation was all the rage in the 60’s and 70’s among flower children and hippies. But even though that lifestyle has died off, meditation has stuck around. It is a great way to release stress and find peace in your life.

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