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The Boon and Benefits of Yoga – Ancient Strategies For the Credit Crunch

The ancient practice of yoga has helped millions of people gain health, strength, suppleness and serenity ever since it was developed in India millennia ago. Now in the chaos of the 21st century, the many benefits of yoga are proving more valuable than ever.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Contraindications For Inversions

What is an inverted posture, or an inversion, in a Hatha Yoga class? Technically, any posture (asana), in which the head is below the heart, is an inversion. Whether you stand on your head, bend forward, or bend back, if the head is below the heart, you are performing an inversion. The following contraindications are specifically related to inversions.

Gain the Unity and Perfect Balance of Body and Mind

Yogis encouraged by the positive results, both physically and emotional, that can be observed during their regular yoga lessons. Children spontaneously express innate joy, natural innocence, wisdom and inspiration. These activities bring up the lots of fun for children as well as yogis.

Important Tips on Promoting Your Yoga Studio in Forums

Forums are an easy, low-cost way to promote your yoga studio and services. Where do you start? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to guide you as you venture into the world of forums.

Yoga Ayurveda – An Introduction to Understanding the Body-Mind-Spirit Connection With Yoga Ayurveda

Get to know your body mind nature and understand why you do the things you do, and use Yoga Ayurveda to help you experience healthier days. Yoga Therapy with Ayurveda provides healing to body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga Exercise – Soften a Life Lesson by Changing Your Language of Letting Go and With Yoga Exercise

Is there an event in your life that you are still blaming someone for? Here’s how to gain a deeper understanding of the event so you can stop the blame game. Take the life lesson, and change your language of letting go. Then move into a yoga exercise to have a full body experience and integration. Feel your heart open.

Yoga Vacations – Why a Yoga Vacation is the Most Relaxing Vacation You’ll Ever Take

A yoga vacation is more than just a vacation. It is all inclusive, luxury time in paradise. You will spend your vacation relaxing close to nature. The sounds of waves crashing on the shore will be in the background as you engage in the deep relaxation, breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga postures.

Take a Yoga Holiday – The Benefits of a Yoga Retreat Will Stay With You All Year

Thinking about taking a yoga holiday? The benefits it will have on you mentally and physically are endless. You will be pampered and enjoy all of the perks of paradise with the relaxation of yoga with the tranquil ocean atmosphere as the backdrop.

Using Yoga to Strengthen Your Abs

Yoga has become a very popular form of exercise. There are different types of yoga. It reduces stress and exercises your body and mind.

What is an Advanced Yoga?

Is becoming a contortionist the primary objective of Yoga? Is advanced Yoga performing nearly impossible poses for the applause of crowds? Is an expert Yoga practitioner an example of good health or just another “health nut?”

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