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Look Good in Danskin Yoga Clothes

Most medium sized Danskin yoga garments just weigh approximately 125-135 pounds. You have to be flexible enough while doing yoga. Any tight or restrictive clothing makes it actually hard to do certain postures. These clothing should also help you to respire openly.

Pranayama and Better Breathing

Chakra refers loosely to an energy centre in the body. This articles outlines how improved breathing can improve your ability to meditate and practise yoga.

Mexico Yoga Retreats – Six Things to Consider in Your Search For the Perfect Retreat

Yoga Retreats can offer deep healing and great adventures into the body, mind and soul, and Mexico is one of the top destinations for American teachers offering retreats. However, if you search Mexico Yoga Retreat on Google, there will be over one million hits that come up. So how do you choose? Here are six things to consider in making your choice.

Who Was Paramahansa Yoganda?

Paramahansa Yoganda is thought by many to be one of the most famous Yogi’s of our time and the man who was responsible for introducing Yoga to the western world. In 1920 he founded the Self Realisation Society. This is now a worldwide organisation and publishes the writing and lectures of Paramahansa Yoganda.

What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Hundreds of benefits are attributed to the discipline of Yoga. In ancient times the primary purpose of Yoga was the realisation of a higher spiritual purpose, as well as the union of mind, body and spirit. Today in our modern times Yoga often has wider ranging purposes and benefits, than the spiritual ones which were at the origin of this discipline.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – A Brief Introduction

For most people the word “yoga” brings to mind the image of a model that appears on the cover of a yoga magazine in a pose that is almost impossible to get into for an average practitioner. Yoga is commonly practiced as a routine which helps in improving physical fitness and sometimes as a means to stress management. There is growing awareness that it can be effectively used as therapy in treating a variety of ailments, including hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions etc. Those who have been practicing yoga for a while can attest to the physical and physiological benefits that the practice brings.

The Practice of Anusara Yoga – Created by John Friend

The Anusara Yoga style was founded and developed by America yogi, John Friend in 1997. This form is spreading quite prominently across the globe. Its home office is located in The Woodlands, Texas, which is a suburb of Houston. This practice has several principles which one is able to incorporation quite easily. The uniqueness of this artistic expression allows the inner self to connect with the admirations of the universe.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is a natural therapy that promotes healing and vitality without the use of any form of medication. This natural alternative healing therapy has gained much popularity in recent years and is perhaps the most effective counterpart to modern medicine today. There is significant evidence that supports this claim as many ailments that have been incurable through modern medical science, have been successfully treated through the use of various different Yoga therapies.

Hatha Yoga and Mastering Self-Realization

Hatha is only one of the nine main forms of Yoga from India. Each of us begins to practice Hatha Yoga for a variety of reasons. Among these many reasons for practicing – some of us are drawn to Hatha Yoga by the healing aspects, the spiritual journey, a feeling of inner peace, or the joy of physical mastery. No matter what the original reason was, self-realization will become a reality sooner or later.

Four Foundational Qualities of Hatha Yoga Teachers

When considering a Yoga teacher training program, an intern should consider the value of pre-existing training, knowledge, and experience. The fundamentals of Yoga are treasures to be enjoyed. All too often, we miss the finer points of life, by rushing through it. The following are four qualities that will help each intern throughout the training process.

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