Top 5 Meditation Techniques to Follow!

The 5 best meditation techniques to grow

We delved a little deeper into the schools and ideologies of meditation in the previous blog, but there are so many techniques and practices that you would easily be overwhelmed!

So here are the 5 meditation techniques / types that I think are easy, interesting and also provide great benefits.

If you haven’t read how to meditate for beginners yet, here’s the link.

So here are the “Top 5 Meditation Techniques to Follow!”

1. Breathing meditation

This is one of them more basic and easy meditations to begin with, but difficult to master. Start by taking a few deep breaths with your eyes open and a soft focus, and then return to normal breathing while closing your eyes.

Calm your body and focus only on breathing.

The easiest version requires it count your breaths so that you do not get distracted in your thoughts. But it only counts to 10 and starts again from 1.

You can count inhalation and exhalation separately or both combined as a single breath. As you progress, you can stop counting and focus only on breathing.

Don’t control, just watch!

You can do this as long as you want, but at first you can do it for many hours. Read this article to know more!

2. Body examination:

Body exploration is a simple exercise that you can even do at the beginning of any type of meditation. You simple become a scanner and scan your whole body. But this scan is more interesting than a scanner, let me tell you how!

  • Start from the top from your head and go to the soles of your feet.
  • Don’t set your eyes on looking at every part you’re studying! Just watch with your mind’s eye!
  • Exploring each and every little part of your body may seem easy, but let me tell you that you will miss many parts of your body and not even realize that you missed them.
  • So what to look for? It’s very simple, just look for anything! Feeling, emotion, itching, pain, tension, mood, sweat …
  • Once you have completed the scan, you can move on to another part of the meditation where you practice a different technique, or just count 10 amplitudes and start again from the beginning.

3. Consciousness meditation:

This meditation is very simple but not for beginners! You start normally, and you look at everything. This is!

Sounds simple in your head? Let me tell you why not.

  • You need it focus on each and every thing at once.
  • To make it easier, keep in mind the five senses.
  • Yes, you also need to perceive the taste in your mouth! But don’t forget the coffee you just had!
  • Observe the taste, the sensations of touch, the voices and noises, the breathing, the weight of your body on the ground, the smell of the environment and anything else that comes to mind.
  • Thus, as the number of things you focus on increases, so will the chances of thoughts that arise from those feelings.

“The senses start the thoughts, the thoughts start the feelings, the feelings start the desires and the desires do things to us that we prefer not to do! How to eat ice cream! “

  • The task here is not to stop thoughts. Because that’s just impossible, you think about stopping your thoughts and that is a new thought!
  • Instead, consider the sun and your thoughts as any other planet, home, galaxy, meteor, and all other bodies in space.
  • Some, like Earth and other planets, will go their own way and not bother you, while some like meteors might bother you!
  • Planets are like normal thoughts while meteors are like feelings, they always hit hard!
  • Your plan is to do just that observe from a distance, and most importantly, don’t get carried away by meteors or start following the orbits of the planets! Simple enough?
  • Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings!

4. Concentration meditation

As the name implies, you have to focus on something!

Breathing meditation is a type of concentration meditation, and there are as many as there are objects to focus on.

Some objects to focus on are:

  1. Width
  2. Physical thing like Candle
  3. So. (music or aum)
  4. Thoughts (quite advanced!)

So get started normally, again if you want to know how to start a meditation, from the point you sit down to the point where you get up, here is the beginner’s guide to meditation.

5. Meditation Visualization

Visualization meditation is a different type of meditation than most others.

I doubt it will help much, but I’m sure I can tell you that if you’re tired of doing one type, switch to this one and go back to the primary meditation techniques you follow. This will not allow your meditation sessions to become boring or uninteresting!

Things to view:

  • You can view a small one spark inside your body which gradually increases in volume and completely covers the universe. The basic goal of this exercise is to keep your focus away from the spark of light.
  • You can also view to be with someone this is no longer a loved one or a family member. (you can cry!)
  • Viewing a quiet and happy place in all its detailsfor example a garden in the morning with butterflies.

What I think is that the basic goal of this exercise is like concentration meditation, a little lively, which is so as not to let you concentrate on flying everywhereor so, any program other than the display.

Forget where you are sitting, forget about every sensation just focus on the view!

So these are the “The Top 5 Meditation Techniques You Should Follow!”

One reason is that these would cover a variety of meditation techniques, and they are interesting!

You can cycle between these meditation techniques to make the exercise more interesting of what it really is! (Actually, this is a very interesting exercise that you understand)

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-A simple meditator

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