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At Sahaja, we regularly talk about the power of our mindfulness and how important and central it is to our meditation practice. If you are new to Sahaja, here is the result. The increase in Kundalini energy raises our attention to a higher plane of consciousness. All of the vast and amazing benefits of meditation result from our attention in this unique higher spiritual realm. A purer and clearer attention can more easily lead us to this state, and vice versa, when our attention is in this higher state, it is purified, kept constant and balanced, enough to have full control over it.

Although many aspects of our attention have been discussed in our articles, and we will continue to do so in the future, here are the most important things to avoid. These are extremely detrimental to our attention and therefore to our search for spirituality and meditation.

False gurus

At the top of our list is the harmful impact of spiritual, philosophical, and even self-improvement gurus or teachers who can do much harm. This is because they fail to give the true experience of our inner self-realization and spiritual awakening. But they lead us down tortuous paths promising much or attracting us for their charisma. The effect of these gurus is that we may lose our way, sometimes permanently, and cause damage to our spiritual system within us. Thanks to Sahaja, you will be able to use your vibrational consciousness to detect these gurus and avoid them instantly.

Spiritualists, mystics, hidden practices

The next category of people and activities that can be detrimental to your spiritual growth and your subtle energy system are those that do spiritually dangerous things, almost like black magic. There is the great divine, expansive power that we can use for our spiritual growth and there are also these dark negative forces that we must avoid. Spiritualists who promise cures and even those who can predict our future can cause long-term damage to our attention.

Too much of the past or the future

The fundamental workings of our spiritual energy system are such that the Kundalini rises through the Central Energy channel, which is associated with the present, while the left and right energy channels are with the past and the future. Therefore, excessive thinking or involvement with the past causes an imbalance in our attention, pulling it towards the left or right energy channels. These interfere with our ability to have constant, focused, and relaxed attention that can enjoy a higher state of consciousness during meditation.

Too much reading and analysis

Although cognitive activity is absolutely essential to our lives, it still occurs at a lower level of consciousness than the higher state of meditation. Not only that, it can also generate additional thoughts that keep our attention low and away from meditation when we are already struggling to make our thoughts go away and relieve our stress caused by those thoughts. In fact, spiritual growth is directly linked to the experience of higher consciousness and not to the extent of one’s knowledge of spirituality.

Materialistic things

It should be obvious to us that materialistic activities are a bottomless pit and we keep pulling on wanting more and more without being satisfied. Our attention is drawn to and entangled in the infinite attraction to material things that make it harder to remain thoughtless or lead a simple, uncomplicated life.


It will surprise you to know that the avalanche of advertisements that draws our attention causes a lot of negativity to enter our mental, emotional, and spiritual systems if we pay attention to them. They create unnecessary desires and create a way for more negativity to be introduced by attracting them to them. This is because ads have only one purpose: to get more and more attention, regardless of the consequences, and for someone to take advantage of it.

News and social media

Now science has established that the flow of bytes of news and social media harms our ability to pay attention. What is noteworthy is not necessarily positive. In fact, for the most part, sensational and newsworthy articles are often negative events or fears that are transmitted. We definitely need to be connected and aware of what’s going on around us, but not in a way that news and information are bombarding our attention uncontrollably. The choice of a specific time and duration, and motivating and inspiring news and social media content can positively affect our attention.

The recent explosion of video content on YouTube and Netflix-like platforms is also about to get our attention, unless we are careful.


This category of people has to make judgments to make a living, and they can seldom be kind. They promote conflict, hurtful and negative feelings everywhere, even if unintentionally. They do not teach people to love and enjoy people, things and situations unconditionally and to witness everything without reacting. Rather, they seek to condition or strongly promote their point of view and consolidate their status as an expert of some kind. They stifle and sometimes destroy people’s creativity and inspired attempts.

Critics and their opinions and articles can negatively affect our Agnya chakra and create more inflexibility and bias within us. If you like to keep your attention flexible and healthy, eliminate the middleman, that is, the critic and even the reviewer. Rely on your highest conscience and judgment above all else.

Negative people and emotions

Skeptics, pessimists and fearful people are contagious and harm our attention. Many of them may need our help and struggle with negative feelings or emotions through no fault of their own. In these cases, we will need our positivity and energy to help them. But if these people and their opinions and fears are avoidable, we should try to preserve our attention. When we are connected to the divine energy of the universe, nothing unpleasant can happen to us; we can spread this positive power around us.

Artificial objects, man-made

Today’s world is full of toxic, non-recyclable waste that not only hurts the earth, but these objects lack natural vibrations and beauty and actually interfere with energy and spiritual vibrations. If we want purer and clearer care, we need to keep our homes and workplaces free of harmful plastics and chemicals and artificial substances to the extent possible and realistic. Meditation in a serene and natural environment improves vibrations and makes it easier to fall into meditation.

The simple technique to protect your attention

This aspect is greatly underestimated, but avoiding directing your eyes and focusing on potentially harmful things and people can improve the quality and depth of your meditation. It is known that most of the negativity that hurts our spiritual energy system enters our eyes.

Spirituality is all about being more subtle and you will be amazed at how subtle negativity can be in trying to get us into our attention, thought and psyche. The fight against negative forces can be successful if we are alert and refuse to allow it to get our attention. If we can, more often than not, focus our attention on beautiful, natural things, young children instead of complicated adults, inspiring stories, our spiritual progress can be much easier.

Transform your life using your attention

The power of your attention

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