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by Cara Butler

Some time ago, Anja Morris contacted us here at The Yoga Lunchbox for help gathering stories and information from women who may already have or were suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Without a doubt, as the current Editor, I was happy to help her in any way possible.

My lack of hesitation in helping her was the result of having created the women’s program in my yoga studio, and of having personally taught and attended various childbirth workshops, prenatal classes. , courses for mothers and children, postnatal workshops, as well as the birth of my 2 babies. own.

I had become very familiar with the term POP and the implications it had for many women in my community.

In 2018 I arranged for one of my teachers, Lisa Fitzpatrick (an Australian physiotherapist and yoga teacher), to come to Christchurch and do a “Women’s Wellness Weekend” which also included a pelvic floor workshop specifically for to yoga teachers and one also for the general public.


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The workshops were completely exhausted confirming my suspicion that people wanted to know more about their own pelvic floor and teachers about how to teach yoga safely, with more awareness of the contraindications of the pelvic floor.

Those of you who know me well or have attended my yoga classes over the years know that I talk about “Pelvic Floor Health” often and with little apology. In my opinion, the time for women to talk quietly about so-called “embarrassing problems” is over.

I believe that the health of the pelvic floor is directly related to the health and general well-being of the individual.

That being said, I am aware of these conversations and teaching opportunities with awareness that these debates can also trigger high levels of anxiety and trauma and I highly recommend training in “Mental Health Aware Yoga” or similar to get tools to help. in these types. of discussions.

As a yoga teacher, I was aware of my limited field of practice (not a pelvic floor specialist), so I looked for resources, pelvic health referral contacts, and information that I could share with my students and fellow pelvic floor teachers. the best way possible, but definitely there was. a lack of information. Hence my pleasure with the resource of Anja’s full website.

“Active and POP” is a great online resource that ALL women and ALL yoga teachers should take the time to read.

The label says ………. “Pelvic organ prolapse affects about 50% of all women and 30% of athletes. However, most of us have never heard of it! So we decided to talk about it!” .

I am grateful to Anja and the women who have shared their stories with her and the great work that is being done to support both women and men in their travels with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Please read and share the information provided by “Active and POP” as widely as you can. And if you or your local yoga community are doing a good job in this area, we’d love to know!

And while we’re sharing resources, here are some other pelvis websites / resources to add to the toolkit

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