The Science of Meditation – Lena Franklin


“Let your experience pass like the stars in the great sky of your mind.”

This quote captures the basic reality of the practice of meditation ~ the art and science of developing our ability to OBSERVE all our lives with non-attachment, equanimity and love. Learn how this practice and skills support us in a tangible way by reading {THE SCIENCE OF MEDITATION} ↴

It is easy for our Western society, which favors the intellect, to rule out a practice that teaches cosmic expansion as too “woo woo,” but meditation is backed by solid, extensive research. Increasingly, scientists are discovering what ancient yogis and meditators have known for thousands of years, such as …

▲ Meditation increases the length of our telomeres, the structures at the end of our chromosomes, keeping our cells alive longer and reducing the impacts of age, according to a recent article in the journal Psychology and Health .

▲ Meditation helps restore mental health and well-being in vulnerable populations, as evidenced by a study that looks at the impacts of mindfulness training on teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

▲ Mindfulness meditation enhances creativity, allowing for MORE self-expression and LESS effort through deepening awareness and the focus of the present moment, detailed by research in the International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.

… And, of course, it leads us to cosmic expansion.

Happy meditation, beautiful beings! As you practice today, be sure to share by tagging me in your stories. TOTALLY blessed + inspired by this community of practices that we are cultivating TOGETHER.

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