The retreats give extra depth: the meditation block

I started meditating daily a few years ago while studying computer science in Trondheim, Norway. The Acem International World Retreat in 2016 became my first retreat in a week. It was a special experience to go to Spain, live in the Pyrenees, and meet young people from all over the world who were meditating. After this experience, the retreats to Norway or Sweden at first did not seem so exciting. But when the pandemic broke out, meditation became even more important.

The pandemic helped my meditation

During the pandemic, there were suddenly more opportunities to meditate at home. I didn’t have to rush to work every day, and it was easier to get into a daily meditation rhythm. The first summer pandemic, it seemed like a good idea to spend a week in a retreat. After that, my appetite for retreats increased.

I participated in two international youth retreats, where I learned much more about the meditation process. This strengthened my motivation to delve deeper into my own meditation process.

I appreciate that retreats are an opportunity to get away from everyday life. Retreat meditations go beyond home meditations and help me deepen my own mind.

The special social contact that occurs spontaneously during the retreats also meant a lot to me. I met a lot of interesting young people. The food is also usually very good.

My plan, looking ahead, is to take part in an in-depth retreat at Acem. At the moment, I am satisfied with the retreats with 3-6 hours of meditation. For me, they also bring a lot of depth.

Better use of my resources

I have achieved great benefits from meditation in my daily life. My head works so much better, I’ve become more effective and I’ve become more adept at managing stress. When I meditate, I get in a better mood and become a nicer person. I also quickly realized that my successes improved when my head became clearer. The benefits of meditation are evident not only to me, but also to my friends and family.

Curious about communication

Interpersonal communication training is my next project. Many have told me that this course is very good, and I want to try it. It seems that the communication course stimulates personal development so much that people come back several times, and that increases my curiosity. Participants tell me that he has improved his awareness of his psychological patterns in interpersonal relationships. It is important for me to gain a better understanding of how others perceive me. This year I have set aside time for the course and look forward to making it a reality.

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