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Sleeping is the best meditation – Dalai Lama

After a busy day, doing errands, balancing personal and professional expectations, and keeping up with the news; No wonder we come home feeling tired, exhausted, and tired.

As with the rest of our lives, we crave 8 hours of satisfying sleep. We all try and want more, but we can’t sleep. The truth is that it is a vicious circle that manifests itself in total insomnia.

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Some facts about sleep that we all know is that when we fall asleep it is when all the good things happen in our body. Cultivating a sleep routine allows us to grow our memory and creativity. This is the time when the body and mind are restarted, detoxified, restored and rejuvenated.

However, we struggle with sleep and easily fall prey to our racing minds or get hooked on nonsensical movie marathons or social media.

So how can we avoid waking up at night? or waking up at 3 in the morning or sleeping lightly and being distracted with the slightest noise? Where is the respite from a poor quality sleep?

This blog shares a few self-care sleep rituals and practical tips to put your beauty dream in order. Maybe some of you know them, some of them have been forgotten for a long time and a few will inspire you and follow you on your way to sleep like a baby.

Before going to bed tonight, try one of these routines or, if possible, more than one.

Early dinner

Plan a light, early dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime. This is so vital to improving your sleep.

Make your bed

Take a few minutes to prepare a comfortable and cozy bed with the right clothes for each season. Also, adjust the temperature as needed.

Hot bath

Let a warm shower or hot bath soothe your nervous system, release tension from your body, and calm your mind. Essential oils like lavender are a comforting routine after showering.

Golden milk

At night it consists of milk milk or nuts infused with a little saffron, turmeric, black pepper, nutmeg, fennel and cardamom with sugar or raw sugar to taste.

It is right on point and is a great boost of immunity with sleep. A good routine to remind the mind and body that it’s time to shut down.


Heat the oil to a comfortable temperature (best warm). Rub the oil on the soles of your feet and then cover with socks. Gently massage the crown of the head with circular motions with a little oil. Use a towel on your pillow to protect your bedding.

There is no time in front of the screen before bed

Just leave all devices one hour before bedtime. It may seem difficult at first, but make the extra effort to do so.

Add a meditation app to your bedtime routine. Soothing music also works wonderfully well and so does the soft reading material.

Interestingly, a recent global study of 79 countries in the field of “Sleep Health” reported that about three to five people worldwide have suffered more sleep problems than usual during the pandemic. So take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in the battle of insomnia.

Accepting the situation and taking feasible steps to cultivate a new and improved sleep schedule that works for you is key.

Waking up refreshed, winning the battle in bed with a solid sleep routine and starting a new day early are changes for a satisfying lifestyle.

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