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The importance of birth stories

The birth of every child in this world is unique and each story fascinating. For the mother, childbirth can be a tremendous and transformative experience.

A birth story is a woman’s story about her personal birth experience. Telling and listening to a birth story is an important transmission to learn, process, heal, and share for both the mother and the listener.

His words, his word

As with any story, it can be subjective and include as many or as few details as the mother feels necessary. It is very important that the details of the story are chosen entirely by the woman herself, as opposed to the medical profession or anyone else present at the birth.

Subjective licensing is important within history even if it omits or “overemphasizes,” or does not accurately describe medical details. This is because all mothers are entitled to the property of the story of their birth.

It is precisely this property of history that allows him a sense of control and autonomy when reflecting on his experience and it is the feeling of control and autonomy that allows him to accept his parturient experience no matter how the things.

Thus, a birth history can be a powerful tool for processing and healing, which is especially important if you have experienced any trauma during childbirth.

In fact, it’s amazing to read that according to the Birth Trauma Association UK, which refers to recent research, some 30,000 women a year experience birth trauma in the UK, and these are just the reported cases!

Instead of being cheerful and happy, the experience of giving birth may have been terrifying. As with any resolution of trauma, it is important to be able to make sense of events, contextualize, and reconcile details to find closure. This can take time and support and requires careful acknowledgment and awareness of the situation itself to move forward.

Childbirth as an Introduction to Women

Once childbirth is experienced, you can’t be who you were before, you’re changed forever. This change can be profound and formative for a woman. She may have a new perception of herself. In an ideal world, every woman would love and respect the new version of herself.

In addition to processing and healing aspects of her experience, a birth story can be a way for a mother to express her deep joy, admiration for life, and feelings of empowerment as a woman.

I have shared with friends that the real secret about childbirth is not how difficult it is, but the real secret is how strong women really are. Experience requires you to draw strength from places where you did not know you had strength.

Not only is physical strength required as you drive each contraction, but also emotional strength as you reach your limits and limits. Mental strength is required as you make what feels like some of the most important decisions in your life and that of your baby during the twists and turns of what is going on.

Like a climber reaching the top of a mountain or a marathon runner reaching the end of a race, a woman in labor, whether vaginal or cesarean, travels so deep, reaches the precipice of her power and touches the places deep within the core of their consciousness to give new life to the side of the earth. This is no small feat!

It is an indescribably ineffable journey that only she and her baby make together. A journey that is sometimes spiritual and sometimes very mundane. A journey that is sacred, but also messy and hard at the same time.

When one goes through such a profound life-affirming experience (which in some cases can even lead to death), it feels right to share the story with others.

The history of birth as an exchange of knowledge

Telling stories has always been an important way to convey wisdom and make the surreal feel real and the impossible feel achievable. Thus, in addition to benefiting the mother, a birth story benefits other pregnant women who hear the story.

Listening to what happened to other women helps a future mother prepare for the birth of her own child.

One important thing to keep in mind is that a pregnant woman is highly sensitive, which makes her very attuned to her instincts and intuition, which is a valuable evolutionary protection mechanism for her baby.

However, this increase in sensitivity is a double-edged sword, as any negative information you receive can create an increased reaction from the expectant mother.

Therefore, a birth story with negative details that incite fear can weigh on a future mother’s mind and have adverse effects instead of serving as a positive preparation.

Therefore, it is vital that a future mother consciously look for positive birth stories and avoid negative ones. This is a challenge within our culture, media and society, which seems to place more emphasis on negative, shocking or scary representations of birth.

However, there are now many positive resources about birth stories available. Read positive birth stories from the blog author and course director Tammy Mittell on Tammy’s blog here

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