The comfort zone is neither good nor bad

In my posting calendar, today I had to write about the positives of getting out of the comfort zone and some tips on how to do it. But this ‘post’ plan was created a couple of months ago, and definitely without waiting for the whole world to face the horrible event that is happening now in Ukraine. Today we are all facing uncertainty and even anxiety about the future. We are living in unprecedented times and to be honest, overused phrases like “get out of your comfort zone” o “We all have to fight to get out” it may seem a bit out of context with the situation we face and how most of us feel.

So, I will save the original theme for a quieter, more stable time (and I really hope it is soon). Instead, I will share some ideas about the positives of being in our comfort zone. After all, the comfort zone is neither good nor bad. A problem can arise when we start to feel trapped there. But in other situations, it is a natural state where we all have to stay from time to time, as long as we feel anxious or stressed. Therefore, staying in or out of CZ depends a lot on our personal circumstances or situation.

Some positive aspects (of staying in a family comfort zone) can be:

  • It’s a safe place: In my opinion, we are all currently out of our usual comfort zone, due to external circumstances. Especially in these situations, our family area can provide us with the sense of security that we can fight for now
  • A space to rejuvenate: You can invigorate and recover psychologically before returning to more disturbing and uncertain situations.
  • Risk minimization: In your family area, you are aware of the possible risks and know how to avoid them. Known activities are usually less risky than unknown ones.
  • Highly predictable : If external circumstances feel so uncertain, a familiar place may offer a sense of more stability. Whave more control over the results, Check out our experiences and simply choose to do more of the tried and known activities that cause delight.
  • Spend less energy on routine tasks: If an activity is in your comfort zone, you’re likely to be able to complete it quickly and easily without much foresight or planning. Ease of routine tasks frees up more time and mental energy to tackle difficult tasks.
  • Routine maintenance: The comfort zone is based on routines, which are there for a reason: to reduce stress, to release mental capacity, so that we can address more important issues.

Don’t get me wrong … I don’t suggest you do anything if you’re in a situation that bothers you and you feel like you need to change something. If you have the energy and willpower, do it!

I just wanted to get rid of the negative sense we can have about the comfort zone, as we have been bombarded with “going out” items for a long time. If you think this is not the time to take big steps, then there is nothing wrong with breathing and staying safe.

And if you want to avoid getting stuck, maybe there is a compromise … instead of making big changes, you can start with small steps. Gathering information or making small changes and observing the outcome could be a great way to get started!

With love, Vero

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