The 5 best meditation apps on the market!

There are so many ways to meditate! Meditation applications and websites offer guided and unguided meditations . If you want to do unguided meditation, I suggest you start with a timer! If you are still unsure of how to meditate or start a daily meditation habit and make it really interesting, go see this blog.

Here are the top 5 meditation apps they have dominated the market for a long time and they are really useful in every way! (I haven’t been sponsored by any of these brands. And these reviews are unbiased!

So let’s go to “The 5 Best Meditation Apps on the Market!”

1. Header space (free, paid)

The 5 best meditation apps

Headspace is by far one of the largest and best meditation apps / websites on the market right now. This is the app that led me to meditation, and probably thousands of others like me!

However, you only get one free ten day basic course! But they can surprise you at any time by offering you a free month! (I was given a free month in headspace after completing a 15 day streak. It costs about $ 52 or Rs. 890 per year in India.


  • Beautiful animations to make you understand otherwise difficult meditation topics.
  • Keep track of your trip and streak! (believe me, the lines motivate you to meditate)
  • He sound quality of guided meditations is one of the best of all applications.
  • There is a many different topics what can you meditate on! (But I think some are a little too much in terms of meditation!)
  • There is a huge community in the head space, and show how many people are meditating with you at one time! I don’t know if that motivates you, but I’m sure you do!
  • It provides mini meditations on the go.
  • You can save offline meditations.


  • Tracking your activities and the lines have flaws.

2. Smiling mind (free)

The 5 best meditation apps

This app is the best free app and it is run by a non-profit organization the only goal is to promote meditation!


  • It has a variety of programs (not as much as header space) that are categorized mainly by age groups.
  • It also has a dashboard that records total meditated time and streak as head space.


  • The quality of guided meditations could have been better compared to head space.

3. Simple meditation habits: (free / paid)

The 5 best meditation apps

I used a simple habit for only a few days, this app is good in many ways. You have meditation teachers to guide you through your journey.


  • If you want to have one personal teacher to guide you through the meditations and teach you, then this app is the best for you!
  • It also has different ones sounds of nature for unguided meditations.
  • The themes of this meditation app are very different from the themes of other apps like head space and smiling mind.
  • It has a fantastic feature ‘Meditation on the go’ that you can use for free!


  • The application is really expensive.
  • Personally, I don’t find it as interesting and interactive as headspace.

4. Insight Timer: (Free / Paid)

The 5 best meditation apps

The Insight timer is another nice one especially for unguided meditations. He has some too meditation music and podcasts. It offers a free seven-day trial after which you will have to pay $ 5 a month.


  • Consists of small talks/ podcasts on a variety of meditation-related topics.
  • It also offers courses such as headspace.
  • The app keeps track of your meditation activities like other apps.


  • It is more expensive than header space (in India), while offering less variety of guides

5. Calm: (free / paid)

The 5 best meditation apps

Calm contains over 100 guided meditations, this may be much less than a head space, but it is very good. It also offers a free 7-day trial after which you pay about $ 52 or Rs. 3560.


  • It’s beautiful sounds of nature.
  • Provides with audio scenes with different situations such as sitting near a lake, or rain falling on leaves, and so on.


  • That it doesn’t have a great variety of meditations.
  • It’s very expensive for the value you get!

These apps, though, cost you money, but are worth it, if they motivate you to meditate regularly! Personally, I’ve used free versions of all apps, and even more apps like the sea (a really great app, but couldn’t get to the top 5), and finally went with paid Headspace. And it’s really pushing me to meditate every day.

That was it “The 5 best meditation apps on the market!”

I hope you’ve learned something from this blog and comment if you know of any apps that are better than these. Also, if you are a beginner, I have a beautiful article that will guide you through each step to get started in meditation and my tips and tricks to keep meditation interesting and enjoyable for a long time!

Click here for the top 5 meditation techniques you can do anywhere without any of these apps! Absolutely free!

Keep meditating and keep promoting meditation!

-A simple meditator

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