The 3 qualities of the right attitude

3 qualities right attitude

This brings me to the most important attitude I had to really appreciate when my heart was breaking. That is cultivating more humor. To enlighten me and observe how my own “sit-com” lives versus a lifelong channel drama. Every day, while talking to the plants in an empty studio, I catch myself in a moment of the absurdity of it all. The pain and sorrow we all cried for became an instant moment of not taking myself so seriously.

That “this” is not about me at all. Teaching, sharing, and practicing for those who cannot become my true mission statement.

With this ease of being present, I was able to witness my fears and doubts without my judgments sinking into my thoughts. And the big mistakes were just another chance for the “Great Experiment” to live fully. I found myself laughing through tears. Yes, this was the year of great emotional release.

Relieving the heart of tensions and providing food for Prana is linked to these three qualities of the right attitude. I can practice where to place my traveling thoughts. I have an option to discern where I put my attention. I have a choice to make because I can. This is yoga and bringing my mind home is the ability to relieve the suffering that has brought me this year.

I choose to welcome spring with a renewed hope for the future: for more students to find the desire and feel safe to return to study; that laughter and hugs will fill our days; and that we can remember to feel the blessings when we encounter a loving and gentle patience every day.

Looking back over the past year, what benefits have influenced your positive attitude? How has yoga helped? Please share it in the comments below.

The light in me honors the light in you,

Laura Jane

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