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Yoga Bag – Quality Matters!

When buying any product you have to think hard about the quality of the item. The same applies even for a yoga bag. While these bags are rather simple bags, and have very few frills attached to them, you would still be impressed with the kind of due diligence you need to exercise before you buy them.

Yogic Insights – The Significance of Dharana

Dharana is the sixth limb, of the eight limbs, described by Maharishi Patanjali, within the Yoga Sutras. We also classify Dharana as a focused concentration of the mind. In this world of cell phones, lap tops, and television, the mind becomes trained to sift messages quickly – without looking at them in depth.

Finding a Yoga DVD Review Online

The last number of years has seen numerous yoga DVDs originating from every corner of the world. Each presenter uses a different approach in teaching and the video presentation varies greatly amongst the different offerings. Because of this proliferation many wanting to do yoga at home on DVD seek out a yoga DVD review that can be used as a helpful time saver for picking out the best yoga DVDs.

Yoga Instructor Salary

Becoming a Yoga teacher or instructor is a very specialized career, and you will be responsible for guiding your students through invigorating poses and postures while utilizing breath control. Yet, many people who begin to have thoughts of becoming a yoga instructor are not entirely clear as to how much a good Yoga instructor can potentially earn.

Yoga Teacher Certification – From Rookie to Yoga Master

A really good Yoga course would include learning materials that includes features such as: Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Asanas, Modifications, Yoga philosophy, Yoga teaching methodology, Adjusting posture (asana) alignment, Chakras, Bandhas, Mudras, Yamas, Niyamas, pranayama, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, and Yoga Teacher Ethics. As a working Yoga teacher you would be expected to work with special populations, such people people who have health problems, for example: those who suffers from Epilepsy.

Runner’s Yoga – The New Way to Prevent Common Running Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can be a problem for beginning runners to elite competitors. Its prevalence is why preventing common running knee injuries is so important to all runners, regardless of experience level. Many runners focus on perfecting their running form or purchasing the right pair of shoes to keep injuries at bay.

The Best of Yoga Designs For Shirts

A simple article describing some of the best yoga t-shirt designs. With all the choices on the web, find out what you like first.

Types of Yoga in Diverse Settings

The practice and philosophy of yoga involves different yoga exercises and positions. But there are also different types of yoga in diverse settings. They include ashtanga yoga, white lotus yoga, ananda yoga, bikram yoga, kripalu, hatha yoga, and jivamukti yoga.

Different Types of Yoga Explained

Many people actually practice yoga and adhere to its philosophies. Basically, yoga is not something new. There are many different types of yoga. It has been practiced for over a thousand years and its purpose is for a human being to achieve self-realization. The practice of yoga is to ultimately connect you with your inner self as you unite body and spirit through meditation and breathing.

Yoga And Meditation Are Synonymous

Yoga is an Indian word, which means addition means to add one thing with another and the basics principles of meditation or Yoga to add or connect self with the Supreme Father, who is the treasure of all virtues, divinity, peace, love and purity. In this article Yoga and meditation are being used interchangeably.

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