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Yoga Poses – Hints and Tips for Beginners

Don’t just jump right in without first finding out some important considerations for people beginning with yoga. Starting out the right way will ultimately be very beneficial.

Correcting Yoga Students in Standing Postures

During Yoga teacher training, interns commonly ask similar questions. However, when considering Yoga student safety, the most common question of them all might be the following sentence: What Should Yoga Teachers Look for in Standing Postures?

The Benefits of Kids Yoga Stories

Yoga stories fall naturally into the lives of children. Parents often begin introducing children to books and stories during infancy, and continue to share throughout childhood. Upon entering school, children find that stories continue to play a huge role in learning a variety of skills and concepts.

Best Pranayama Techniques for Children

If you want to make a difference in this life, teaching children has the deepest impact. Children, who gain valuable life skills early, tend to be mentally and emotionally balanced as a result. Additionally, children who accomplish mental and physical life skills tend to be successful, confident, and intelligent. Yoga is a health maintenance system, which gives children emotional, mental, and physical stability.

Personal Practice for Yoga Teachers

When you are teaching a Yoga class, remember that this time is not about your personal Yoga practice. Teaching Yoga is about giving your knowledge to others, demonstrating and explaining the techniques effectively, and putting your students’ needs ahead of your own. You will probably still feel the benefits of a Yoga class, but it also might leave you yearning for more, or feeling as if you did not quite get adequate fulfillment.

Three Yoga Restoratives That Can Help You Bounce Back Renewed and Refreshed

Have you ever found yourself just needing a little more energy to complete your day or even worse you are so wired you can’t slow down? Try gentle yoga restoratives to reclaim your energy to continue your day rejuvenated and composed.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Yoga is very popular and people are still discovering the many benefits of doing yoga on a regular basis, when you are first starting doing your yoga poses it is imperative to take things slow. Yoga often builds upon the moves you learn from the beginning and it is important to master beginning moves before you think about moving forward.

Using Yoga To Improve Your Posture AND To Increase Your Height

Yoga is a very popular way of using stretches to grow taller that is well known for helping people become more flexible, build strength and releasing stress. However did you know that yoga can also help you to improve your posture and to increase your height as well?! It’s true, the exercises involved in yoga are very similar those that you would normally use when trying to grow taller. In this article learn more about yoga, how it can improve your posture and help you gain some height up the height ladder.

Equipment For Yoga

What equipment is used in yoga? Is there something that is essential to buy?

Improve Child Literacy With Yoga Stories

Teaching Yoga to children is a non-competitive method for enabling them to gather many positive life skills. One life skill that is essential for success throughout life is literacy. Literacy includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and a general appreciation of language.

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