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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Bikram Yoga Class

Bikram yoga is the type of yoga that is practiced in a hot environment. For you to be successful in this yoga, you need to avoid the following things: Wearing inappropriately Since you will be practicing in a hot environment you need to ensure that you wear the right clothing. As rule of thumb you should avoid baggy clothing. You should also avoid sweat clothes and heavy fabrics. To be on the safe side you should wear fitting clothing. You should also dress in cotton or other breathable fabrics.

How To Prepare For The Peacock Pose

Also known as Pinch Mayurasana, the peacock pose is a challenging arm balance that can be done at the wall. To master it you need to have flexibility of the upper back muscles. You also need to have upper body strength. To do the pose you need to have a yoga mat, belt and strap.

3 Yoga Moves To Beat Diabetes

Diabetes is not only a dangerous disease, but it’s also expensive to manage. The good news is that yoga experts have identified some yoga moves that can be used to manage the condition. Here are some of the beneficial moves: Pranayan In addition to helping you to beat diabetes, this move also aids in helping you to breathe deeply so that you can oxygenate your blood and improve blood circulation.

4 Yoga Poses For Glowing Skin

Everybody wants to have a beautiful skin. Recent studies have shown that you don’t need to use expensive creams to have a glowing skin. This is because you can use yoga. Here are some of the beneficial yoga poses that you can engage in to attain a glowing skin: Pachimotasana This move aids in increasing blood flow to the face thus giving you the most desired look. The move also aids in strengthening thigh muscles and relaxing the back and arms. The move has also been found to aid in making stomach function better.

3 Yoga Moves To Beat Menstrual Pain

Periods bring about fatigue, irritability, pain, and discomfort. The good news is that yoga experts have come up with a number of yoga poses that you can use to beat the menstrual pain. Here are the poses: Bow pose-dhanurasana In addition to beating menstrual discomfort, this move also aids in beating constipation, headache, anxiety, and fatigue. The move also stretches thighs, groin, abdomen, chest, ankles, and throat.

3 Yoga Asanas To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Dark circles usually give you a fatigued and tired look that is usually very unappealing. The good side is that yoga experts have come up with a number of poses that can help you in getting rid of the dark circles: Hastapadotasana Also known as the standing forward bend pose, this move aids in stretching all the body muscles. The move also invigorates the nervous system, beats digestive disorders and aids in increasing blood flow to the face.

3 Yoga Asanas To Beat Arthritis

Arthritis is usually a dangerous disease that is characterized by joint pain that makes it difficult for one to do even the most basic day to day activities such as washing. Yoga experts have recommended a number of moves that you can practice to beat arthritis: Trikonasana This move aids in relieving pain in the neck and shoulder. The move also strengthens your legs, ankles, chest and knees.

7 Must Have Herbs For Yogis

If you are a yogi, here are some herbs that you shouldn’t miss in your home: Schisandra (schisandra chinesis) Schisandra belongs to a group of herbs known as adaptogens. These are herbs that help the body to deal with stress. These herbs also aid in toning and strengthening the endocrine system. Schisandra has been shown to be very effective in maintaining sugar levels and improving sleep. Various research studies have shown that it also aids in helping the liver to detoxify the body.

4 Of The Most Common Yoga Animal Poses

Yoga poses were invented after a number of yoga specialists observed how animals behave. The poses play a major role in stretching arms, back, thighs, spine, and buttocks. The asanas also aid in relieving stress and keep the body flexible. If you are wondering which animal poses you should engage in, here they are:

How To Do The Bird Of Paradise Pose

This pose is not for the weak. This is because it requires a lot from your body. The asana gives a lot of challenge to your focus, strength, flexibility and balance. The good side with it is that it strengthens your standing leg, knee, ankle and thigh. The pose also improves balance, and opens the groins and hamstrings.

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