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In the Western yoga practice is often perceived as an escape from a materialistic and money oriented stressful lifestyle. Therefore a yoga class can offer a refuge of tranquility and peace from his crazy world we live in. For those people who cannot find the time or find it impossible to join a yoga group, there are other opportunities and ways to discovering the therapeutic principles of yoga.

Yoga Moves and Position Tips

Some yoga poses look like you’re dancing. Holding a pose can be very challenging without making a architectural plan to support you. Lots of people love a yoga move with the support of a ball…

Don’t Be Scared – Yoga 101

Yoga can be a bit intimidating if you are just getting started… Sanscrit phrases and pretzel-like postures. Here’s some hints to make you more comfortable trying a yoga class.

Basic Techniques Of Yoga Breathing

Whether hatha yoga, patanjali or Bikram yoga, traditional breathing techniques are stressed in all of them. These breathing techniques are also called Pranayama or breath of life. They are essential for deriving the greatest level of benefits fromyogic asanas or exercises. Techniques of yoga breathing not only carry oxygen to the muscles, open up our chest and lungs, clear out sinuses, get rid of headaches but also bring down stress levels.

Yoga to Lose Weight – Top 3 Yoga Exercises and Postures For Women to Lose Weight & Boost Metabolism

There are various forms of Yoga to lose weight. Its the best way to shed those extra pounds naturally. Yoga postures not only stimulate the rate of metabolism but also eliminates anxiety and stress. These workouts help your body to lead a disease free and healthy life.

Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

The term ‘Yoga’ is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’ or ‘to join’. Yoga is an ancient form practiced in India by ascetics when they were in meditation. Yoga aims for the union of the body, mind and spirit through a system of postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

The Convenience of the Yoga Mat Bag

If you practice yoga regularly, and you do not store your yoga mat at the studio you attend, the chances are that you will be purchasing a yoga mat bag in the future. These bags allow for you to easily carry your mat wherever you need to carry it. Most mats are flexible enough to roll up, however it is so much easier to carry it in these convenient bags which come equipped with a carrying strap and they contain your mat quite conveniently.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Mental Benefits of Yoga to Improve Your Mood

When you feel emotionally low, what do you do to pick yourself up and feel better again? From personal experience and conversations with my yoga students, yoga is the ideal antidote to lighten your mood and boost your morale when low.

Yoga For Beginners – Five Physical Health Benefits of Yoga

When was the last time you felt alive, energised, happy and well? Or do you normally feel tired, frazzled and stressed? When you feel worn-out, exhausted and over-overwhelmed, have you ever wondered if there was a way, maybe a magic pill, which you can take to feel better, more alert, happy and contented?

Banish Burnout! Three Easy Yoga Breathing Exercises to Ease Your Stress at Work

Have you ever felt stressed at work? If you have, try these simple yoga breathing exercises to help ease your stress at work.

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