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How Spiritual Meditation Can Improve Your LIfe

Improve Your Life with Spiritual Meditation When you take a look at the lifestyles of most people these days, it’s no wonder that the practice of spiritual meditation is gaining attention. People are discovering that there are many benefits to learning how to meditate spiritually.

What The Heck Is Transcedental Meditation?

So What The Heck Is TM? TM is a very simple, yet effective technique. It is a mental procedure that is best practiced twice daily for a period of twenty minutes per session.

Meditation: What’s It All About?

There has been much buzz about meditation and its benefits. Here is a little guide to help you get started.

I Can’t Breathe, How Can I Do Breathing Meditation?

It is a common instruction for beginner meditation students to start with the breathing meditation, which is often called the sitting meditation as it’s mostly done while sitting down. The usual instruction is to find the breath where it can be felt most obvious and most distinct. Now breathing is an involuntary function for the most part.

Guided Meditation Not For You? Think Again!

Guided Meditation – In today’s busy world, there seems to be so much stress and pressure. We all seem to have so many deadlines and responsibilities that we do not give ourselves even just a little bit of time to decompress and relax.

Why Learning To Meditate Will Make You 15% Happier

Want to Have a Happier Life? A person who is able to learn meditation is able to reap many benefits.

The Quickest and Easiest Healing Meditation Practices

Healing Meditation – Relieve stress and anxiety with meditation Overcome the battle of being tied down – Free yourself with the release of mental clarity – You too will learn how to heal yourself with meditation. Read below for more detail.

Mindfulness and Me

I had an unexpected response during our Mindfulness Practice. What would have been a sweet and pleasant memory became a bolt of lightening piercing my chest.

Qigong to Create Harmony for Yourself and Your Reality

YOU can only directly change your own level of vibration, YOUR HARMONY! To begin to accomplish this I would like to present my qigong meditation exercise – “The Yin and Yang Breath of Harmony.” It is a simple method that you can easily learn and practice almost anytime when you have a moment to stand still. It requires that you breathe easily, relax, quiet your mind and create a visualization along with an internal affirmation.

Advanced Reiki: Distance Healing and Quantum Physics

Can I do distance healing with Reiki? What is the science behind the way that Reiki works by distance?

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