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The Several Health Benefits of Qigong Meditation

Qigong certainly has several health benefits. In China, it already became a part of their national health care system. More and more people also from other parts of the world today are beginning to acknowledge the wisdom of practicing this kind of health meditation.

Meditation Is the Best Investment

Why meditation is the best gift you can give yourself. Meditation is the easiest and fastest way to understand yourself. It takes you into a higher level of self-understanding where you can clearly see how you create your own life experience. Only after you have overcome and transcended inner conflicts due to excessive desires, ego-tripping, long-standing grudges, low self-esteem and the need to control other people’s lives, will your life become truly stable and enjoyable.

Science Based Meditation for Happiness

Life and joy are all about adaptation. Meditation is the consciousness of your being and how you are doing – every moment is called mindfulness. Each and every animal must adapt to survive and flourish. The death rate is relatively high and survival takes a hefty toll.

The Sublime Art of Meditation

A young man, in the course of a year-long encounter with an eminent ecclesiastical personage, The Bishop, is introduced to the art of meditation, and given a practical demonstration of it. He learns the enormous utilitarian value inherent in the application of meditation as a great stress-reducing tool.

I Love Meditation

Ever felt like giving in because you’re just so drained you don’t even think you can keep up in life and need a solution now; or ever felt a deep sense of unity and peace you’d love to recapture? Once you start meditating regularly these things are likely to become possible.

Meditation: A Tool To Get More Energy And Overcome Auto-Immune Disease

Meditation is a critical exercise to overcoming fatigue and chronic illness. You can do it anywhere and the results are profound and proven.

Why Qigong Meditation Helps You Sleep Better

Among all the stress-relieving activities, what makes Qigong different? Qigong, when translated in English, literally means spirit achievement. Qigong alone is simple. It’s an all natural process that aims to strengthen the body and the mind. Qigong became popular in western countries because of its stress-relieving meditation and exercises. With these three elements, such regular practice aims to relieve stress and maintain a person’s balanced disposition in life.

Three Types of Qigong Meditation

Qigong meditation, literally, it means working with life energy. It is learning how to control the flow and distribution of qi (life energy) in order to improve the health and harmony of mind and body. Originated from China, its practice involves breathing techniques with gentle movements.

Positive Side-Effects That You Can Reap From Qigong Meditation

One great way to free your mind and mitigate if not totally eradicate the effects of those stressors is through Qigong meditation. You might already know a number of meditations though Buddhists, yogis and ayurvedic doctors who said that such practices can improve health and well-being of an individual. However, Qigong stands out from the rest with its countless benefits.

3 Tips for Entering a Deep Meditative State

Here is an easy way to use a deep meditative state in three easy steps. Using your Higher Self you can exercise, have deep conversations and do alternate activities.

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