Releasing the resistance opens the door to 2021

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Last year YAF became an online studio. I’m not sure how my brilliant webmaster, Therese, pushed us forward. I am eternally grateful for her endless dedication and supportive hours while keeping the studio connected to the community.

The desire of our teachers to jump to the deepest end of the pool and swim those unexplored waters was beyond the grace of 2020. Their commitment and love for their students was greater than the fear of distance learning. .

“Community” became our mantra and our full intention to accept the new frontier. We painted, threw away the sweet reminders of the last 23 years, and found a place of tranquility as we moved toward 2021.

This past year has continually reminded me that I have no control over the outside world. Three weeks ago a construction company started using this Covid winter as a time to drain and dredge our sweet pond in the park where my house is located. Every winter, I have the joy of watching neighborhood kids gather outdoors and skate. Often at night, under the stars, I can go out skating in silence, alone with my inner thoughts. My winter ritual as a sanctuary of peace with nature.

The people chose this winter, after more than 40 years, to start this nasty and ugly endeavor. At first I was so disappointed that the year I didn’t travel anywhere, I was stuck at home to witness the mud.

And then the moment of admiration adorned my consciousness. I decided that this was just a metaphor for the great gifts that were expected in 2021. This project was about beating the mud. The act of lifting the darkness from the bottom of the water caused my own agitation to the surface of my own consciousness.

I could change my attitude and accept it. Accept that this project has long since been delayed, that there is so much clutter in that pond where over the years people dumped old tires, spades and general shit. That was the cleanup.

I could accept this as a display of grace. Spring is coming, when the trees begin their sweet renewal of growth and the sunlight shines longer on the reflection of the water, there will be a beautiful new landscape and I will be the blessed recipient of all this abundant beauty. I can choose today to see the possibility of what is to come.

2021 is here. The days may be dark now and we are all tired. However, choosing the present to see what it can be is the gift. We welcome this year not with fatigue and tiredness, but with a renewed passion for what it can be like to live.

We can create this year by delving into these places of resistance and simply choosing to accept. Yield to more wonder and admiration by living fully with joy and peace. Let’s celebrate! Blessings abound in 2021!

Love and light,

Laura Jane

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