Psychotherapy and iAwake: Technologies to Cure Our Depression, Anxiety, and Addictions

How does iAwake technology help the therapist help the client? Get inspired, whether you’re a therapist, a client, a brainwashing meditation enthusiast, or anyone else! – listen to the psychotherapist Dr. Charles Flores talk about meditation, iAwake brainwave training, the use of the Integral Map as part of a therapeutic practice, the advancement of current research on the proper use of psychedelics in recovery and more in this lively conversation with John and Pam Dupuy, CEO and COO of iAwake Technologies.

The passion of Dr. Flowers shine everywhere: for their work, for life, for healing, to connect with a wider range of consciousness than usual, and to promote inner freedom for all.

Here, Dr. Flores explores topics such as:

  • As the brainwave input is especially useful for people who are not only looking for enlightenment in their meditation, but want to improve their life.
  • Why brainwashing makes people really want to meditate, instead of finding it a painful experience.
  • The beauty of iAwake over other brainwave training programs
  • How iAwake Meditation Makes a Difference in How Therapists Present to Their Clients and in Preventing Exhaustion
  • Our need to get something bigger than ourselves; connect with other types of consciousness to cure depression and anxiety
  • Why meditation can help us connect to the source more strongly than any drug
  • Orient different brain waves and different styles of meditation depending on whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or addiction
  • How meditation and technology support the integration of experiences with herbal medicines or microdoses

Dr. Flores concludes the discussion by saying:People are depressed, anxious, about everything that’s going on in the world … so we’re slowly starting to get out of this, to deal with the trauma we’ve just suffered over the last few years … we’re going to need technology. , we will need the psychedelics used properly, we will need all these things for people to heal, recover and hopefully start making positive changes in society.. ”


Psychotherapy and brainwave entry meditation with Dr.  Charles Flores

Dr. Charles Flores, Vital Puma / Integral Recovery, is a certified psychotherapist and advanced state and international certified drug and alcohol counselor who has practiced in multiple settings in the field of concomitant disorders for 25 years and has led several treatment programs. mental health and substance abuse of millions of dollars in the Bay Area. Originally from the South Bronx, Dr. Flores earned his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Fordham University and his doctorate. at the California Institute for Comprehensive Studies in Multicultural, Humanistic, and Spiritual Psychology.

He is also a Professor of Chemical Addiction Studies at California State University, East Bay, and has taught psychology at John F. Kennedy University and several other universities for the past 15 years. He is the new member of Psychedelics and Addictions of the CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research, and is included in the colored people of the Chacruna Institute of Plant Psychedelic Medicine which marks the difference in psychedelic healing.


John Dupuy and Pam Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake Technologies

John and Pam Dupuy, co-founders of iAwake Technologies, celebrate the 10th anniversary of iAwake starting in October 2020. John, CEO of iAwake, travels internationally to teach and inspire issues of holistic recovery, holistic transformational practice and the use of brainwave entry technology to deepen. the practice of meditation and in the treatment of addiction, depression and PTSD. Pam is the incredible, talented, perceptive, and persevering director of operations at iAwake.


Heidi Mitchell, editor

This blog was created by Heidi Mitchell, longtime assistant to John Dupuy and iAwake blog manager. John introduced Heidi to the comprehensive practice and enhanced meditation by brainwave input in 2007. Heidi is also an independent publisher of nonfiction books, blogs, and websites. You can contact her at