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How To Perform Qi Gong Sitting Meditation Properly

Learning the discipline of Qigong meditation is a great way to start with a solid foundation in the stages of Qigong. There are many kinds of styles and aspects of Qigong meditation. What we will be learning is among the most commonly learned practice known as Xiao Zhou Tian, which can be translated as ‘microcosmic orbit’. This is also one of the basic Qigong meditations which will enable you to prepare your physical and mental aspects of the body as you progress to the latter stages of Qigong practices.

Meditation or Dhyan Yoga

Meditation is the practice of bringing your mind inward by focusing the attention on a single object in total concentration. Since it is the nature of the mind to continuously create thoughts and keep your attention jumping from one thing to the next, single-pointed concentration is essential for meditation to happen. However, over time, the effort and perseverance of daily meditation practice will pay off, as the thought waves will diminish and your mind will become calm and quiet.

How to Maintain Consistency and Be Successful

It does not take a genius to figure out the fact that consistency is the key to be successful. In life, whether you want to lose weight, climb up the corporate ladder, stay in love etc, everything needs consistency!

But I’m Too Hyper To Meditate!

Are you one of those antsy-type of people who are frequently and persistently bouncing a foot, tapping a pencil, biting your nails, or otherwise fidgeting? Do you find that sitting still for extensive period of times is a test? It might just be that sitting still to meditate is not the ideal type of meditation for you. Assuming that you would like to learn the easiest way to meditate, then walking meditation may very well just be a more useful choice for you.

Mantra Meditation For Manifesting The Good Life

Mantra meditations are ancient powerful and can quickly help you achieve the life of your dreams. Learn a basic meditation and try for yourself this powerful technique. If you have found The Secret or the law of attraction has not lived up to its promise try this simple and easy technique and believe again.

Meditation Has Been Proven to Reduce Stress and Increase Health

What is meditation? How can it help? How is it done? These are questions some people have about meditation.

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Meditation

A lot of people find mastering meditation to be a big challenge. The key to meditation is consistent practice, practice, practice, which takes time. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you with wherever you are at.

Meditation and City Living: How Meditation Can Relieve Stress

Stress is a word we commonly hear in today’s society. It seems that almost everyone is stressed. You may have also heard about the benefits of meditation for stress reduction and long-term health. But what exactly is stress? What is meditation? How can meditation relieve stress?

How You Can Relieve Your Stress With Meditation

How You Can Relieve Your Stress With Meditation The word meditation simply is defined as being a continuing contemplative thought. If you have stress in your life, know that you are not alone, as everyone has some form of stress, even children. Many times, your stress might be work-related,or have to do with your relationship with others.

10 Minutes A Day To A Happier, Healthier You

What if I told you that in as little as 10 minutes a day you could be feeling happier, less stress, be healthier, and improve your mental focus. You would say it’s to good to be true right? Well it’s not and you can, starting today! Several clinical studies have documented that spending even a few minutes in meditation on a daily basis may help people do all those things and more. So let’s get started!

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