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How to Relieve Stress With Mindfulness

Stress is debilitating and dangerous for our health if it prevails long term. With a guide to mindfulness meditation, we can learn to reduce stress, build resilience, improve mental health and quality of life.

Meditation for Athletes – How to Use Meditation to Achieve Your Goals

Athletes can meditate on their goals too. Each day, thousands of people are meditating at each and every minute; many of these individuals use visualization. Science has shown that during meditation if visualization is utilized the brain can produce the same physical responses as it would in reality. Visualization techniques are extremely useful for athletes wishing to achieve their goals. For the athlete, meditation with intent, focus, and practice can greatly increase performance. In this brief article I will outline some of the possible reasons for athletes using meditation to achieve their goals.

3 Simple Ways to Do Meditation for Beginners

Meditation has been proven by many research to be one of the practice that offers a lot of benefits to our mind and body, such as: to relieve stress, to improve concentration, to prevent dementia, etc. However, beginners might find out that it is not an easy practice as there are many ways of meditation that are available out there. For beginners, here are 3 ways of meditation that are simpler and easier to follow:

How to Use Meditation to Help You Get Over Addiction

In order to properly deal with nearly any form of addiction, to root cause must first be discovered. Most addiction comes from a need to deal with an emotion. Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, and a pessimistic world view are but a few causes of most addictions. It can be argued that many of these troublesome emotions come from what many Buddhist teachings call “grasping at the self” which can also mean trying obsessively to meet ones needs. In this state, we cling to external objects or things to fulfill our needs and believe some thing or substance can make us feel good. Meditation teaches that everything you need can be found within. In this article I will highlight some of the ways that meditation can be extremely helpful in dealing with addictions.

Tips for Meditation – For the Busy Professional

We live in an extremely fast paced society with an increasing number of demands on our time and attention. Many take work home or sacrifice doing things for themselves in order to get things done for others. Whether you are an executive for an ad agency or a single mother of three, you realize that time is precious and can be limited. How do you find time to meditate? The goal of this article is to outline a few simple meditative tips for the busy professional. These simple tips for meditation can help even the busiest of individuals to make time for a daily meditative practice.

How to Use Meditation to Bring You Out of a Depressive State

As an alternative to allopathic medicines, expensive prescriptions, and the social stigma that parallels psychiatry the activity of meditation has become a popular method of reducing depression. Meditation can be a powerful tool against depression due to its proven ability to reduce stress, decrease unpleasant emotions, and increase the pleasant alpha brainwave state. In this article I will marry the fields of neuroscience, spirituality, and psychology to present why meditation could be a great weapon against the oppression of depression.

Mind Body Healing For The Busy Executive

One of the most – if not the most – concerning symptoms of business life is stress. The busy life of a busy executive actually creates stress and if something is not done about it, it can lead to serious illness OR even worse. It’s a fact… stress can kill AND meditation is a time-proven strategy that reduces or eliminates stress. This article examines the benefits of meditation, the mind-body connection, problems that stress can cause AND how to overcome – or at the very least, minimise stress.

Way to Meditation

Meditation is not a goal or achievement. Meditation has no seeking or desire. In meditation we become aware of our desires and goals.

The Basics of Medtiation (How, When and Where)

Ever wanted to start meditate on a regular basis, or at least try it out once, but not too sure where to start or how to go on about it? Wonder no more, this article will guide you through the basics of this immensely simple yet profound practice, and hopefully let you reap some of the many benefits from it as well.

How to Increase Your Productivity in Just 20 Minutes

At what point does our modern day connectivity become unproductive. The daily alerts, emails, updates and intrusions we all receive on a daily basis can frequently break our concentration. Meditation can help us all become more focused, alert and ultimately more efficient.

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