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Free Yoga

One of the wonderful things about Yoga is that if you have some basic experience in it and a mat you can do it anywhere – for free. Yoga is not hard to do once you have learnt a short sequence of movements and can flow through them without stopping to think too much. This makes it one of the easiest and cheapest forms of fitness routine available.

Yoga Exercise

In these health conscious times where we are all too aware of the importance of keeping fit, taking excess weight off and making sure our bodies are strong and flexible Yoga is often a good option to achieve these things. Indeed there is little to beat it in terms of helping our bodies gain strength, keep a youthful bounce in the step and combat stress.

Yoga Teacher Training

There are different programmes on offer from 200 hour Certificate level which can all be done in one go at a residential to one where it is spread part time at weekends over a number of years. This can also help you make your decision if only one of these options will really work with your lifestyle. There are also 500 hour advanced Diploma programmes which incorporate the basic 200 hour Teacher Training but then extend it to different types of yoga and far more in depth information on history, metaphysics, healing approaches that complement yoga, meditation and so on.

Detoxification With Yoga

Yoga is a natural detox for your body. Find out what pose works best.

Yoga Music – Benefits of Yoga Increase With a Fresh New Sound

Discover the secret to getting more from your boring session of uninspired yoga. Read this article for insight on the effect of music on yoga.

Yoga Postures

There are around 80 postures, but most people practice only 20 or so. Wear loose clothing, with nothing in your feet. You cannot do yoga on a bed; you must work on a non slip yoga mat or the floor. Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, which is why many people do it when they wake up. Wait for three hours after a meal before you do your asanas and try to find a regular time, ideally before breakfast or your evening meal.

Yogic Cure For Mental Problems

A mind loses its equilibrium when any external or internal problem strains it harshly. Consequently, its functioning gets disturbed and its harmony begins to diminish, slowly or rapidly, depending upon the individual’s state of mental health.

What is Yoga and What Are Its Health Benefits?

Have you noticed the increasing number of yoga classes advertised from the gym to the community centre and at all points in between? Have you seen smiling people carrying their yoga mats with contented looks on their faces? These people share one thing: a search for balance. Their search led them to the 5,000+ year old Indian tradition of yoga.

Yoga Exercises Help You Stay Fit and Healthy

Yoga exercises make your body more flexibly and strong. These exercises are quite effective in calming the mind while giving more energy. There are many forms of yoga exercises that are performed by thousands of people all over the world.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a style of yoga for which you need to be very healthy and strong. It is done in a heated room to replicate the heat of India where this style originated. Like all forms of yoga it gives you a thorough workout, working through the body in a series of postures that strengthens and moves all muscle groups. Apart from the fact that it is done in a hot room the workout you get is designed to get you sweating and feeling like you have done a serious amount of work on your body. Said to be good for stamina, strength and weight loss this is a demanding style of yoga.

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