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Yoga Can Be an Effective Way to Reduce Stress

As a stressbuster, yoga is one of the most popular forms of treatment. But maybe the word “stressbuster” is too strong to use. Practicing yoga doesn’t necessarily “bust” stress away as much as it can help reduce it over time, in the process teaching the yoga enthusiast techniques to handle stress if it occurs again in the future.

Yoga Can Add a New Dimension to Weight Loss Efforts

It may be hard for some people to accept that yoga can be an effective weight loss tool. So how can you lose weight with yoga?

Five Principles Are the Foundation of the Practice of Yoga

The five principles of yoga form the foundation of the practice for many yoga practitioners, for both veteran and newcomers. They are the building blocks upon which a sound mind and a sound body are achieved, through which all benefits of yoga flow. By studying and adhering to the five principles of yoga, practitioners reach a level of understanding that manifests itself in every aspect of their lives.

Hot Yoga and Hot Yoga Clothing

Hot Yoga, some call it a fad, but I think it’s here to stay. Hot yoga is gaining in popularity by the day.

Yama-Niyama – Ethics in Yoga

The yogic term ‘Yama’ implies a certain element of elimination of negatives – from both the physical body and the psychological nature. Regarding the physical side it is seen as attention to physical hygiene and eradication of any disease symptoms.

Sleeping Positions With Yoga Movements For a Snore-Less Sleep

Our body has the capacity to go to sleep in any kind of position we can hardly even imagine. Are you aware that you can still revise the way you sleep so you could really get a good night’s rest?

Yoga, Nutrition and You – How They All Work Together

For a lot of people, it’s difficult to separate the practice of yoga from other portions of their lives, including a good diet. As stated, yoga and its focus on nutrition is nothing new.

Let Yoga Guide Your Teens’ Stress Management

Yoga is one way for teens to cope with anxiety and raise their, as yet, fragile self esteem. The stances are great self-esteem enhancers by testing the teen’s facility to keep balance of mind and body.

Yoga Can Be a Great Benefit to Athletes When Added to Training

For a growing number of athletes, on all levels of skill and performance, yoga is rapidly becoming a routine addition to their workout regimen. Most likely of most interest to athletes is the evidence that yoga can improve overall strength.

These Yoga Postures Can Rid You of Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia is a sleeping syndrome that deprives a great number of people of precious sleep, falling or staying asleep. A growing number of insomniacs have been utilizing Yoga.

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