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Affordable Yoga Instructor Courses

Where can you find affordable, yet comprehensive training, to become a Yoga teacher? Are you are looking for a complete course which covers much more than a few dozen postures? Do you seek to learn about kriyas, doshas, chakras, mudras, mantras, contraindications, bandhas, and more?

Yoga Therapy – Musings on a Health Career Plus Your Gifts As a Yoga Therapist

If you have a health career consider offering the gifts of a yoga therapy to your contacts. Massage therapists, holistic health practitioners, and therapists of many disciplines can add more to their toolkit.

Yoga Retreats – Want a Vacation That Leaves You Feeling Younger, Healthier and Refreshed?

Want a holiday that leaves you feeling younger, healthier and more refreshed than you’ve ever felt in years? Take a Yoga Retreat in Fiji – not only will the yoga renew your spirit, but the beauty of Fiji will sooth your mind and body too.

Yoga and the Actual Worldwide Economic Collapse

Yoga and its ancient teachings are the best alternative to palliate this worldwide economic collapse among other problems this human race is facing so far. There won’t be worldwide peace, if individual peace can not be achieved in the heart of every single inhabitants of this world. We share, in this article, a brief analysis of a very good option not just for the actual world wide economic collapse, but also for overcoming our problems and daily life challenges because we believe individuality defines society, the world, the planet, and so on.

Yoga Posture Inversions and Stroke Risks

In the case of students who have a history of strokes within their family, or who have previously had a stroke, the approach to inversions should be “Extreme Caution.” Below is a question and answer session regarding the safety measures, contraindications, and information that should be readily available for Yoga teachers and students alike.

Hatha Yoga – A Haven From the Recession

Can Hatha Yoga give you recession relief? That seems to be the general feeling, among students this winter, as Hatha Yoga classes have not slowed down. The more you listen to the news, the worse you might feel. Yet, you can visit a local Yoga school, center, or studio, for some rest and relaxation.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – How to Teach Students About Non-Judgment

Recently, I received an enlightening phone call from a website visitor who had a few suggestions about changing my appearance. It seems we cannot all live up to our own expectations, or those expectations that are imposed upon us. The following is part of a conversation about Yoga, Santosha, and judging others.

Weight Loss Yoga – The Hidden Secret

The general concept of Hatha Yoga is a mind and body exercise, but that barely skims the surface as to what Hatha, or any other form of Yoga, is. Now we hear of Yoga for ripped abs, growing taller, stress relief, back pain, and raising children. Is it all a marketing ploy, or can it do all of these things?

Four Yoga Techniques to Reduce Stress at Work

Could Yoga make your day less stressful in work? Do you think your stressful job could kill you? Do you have deep feelings of hostility toward your workplace? Let’s look at four time-tested Yogic methods you can learn right now.

Yoga Breathing – How You Compromise Health When You Forget Yoga Breathing

Yoga Breathing is an intrinsic part of your yoga exercise. Let’s look at the impact forgetting to breathe has on you in 4 different areas. Then we’ll examine the benefits of yoga breathing in any sitting pose.

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