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Meditation: Yoga As Anything or Everything

Meditation is one of the key mediums of knowing oneself. The main objective of meditation is to familarize yogis with the real mind and world-ultimately attaining the state of enlightemment and true happiness.

Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity – A Vital Scripture Decoded

Due to Coronavirus, mental health must always remain a top maintenance priority. Just like a mussel, the brain needs constant flexing and stimulation. One of the most natural ways of keeping the brain healthily flexed and stimulated, is daily meditation. Many peer-reviewed publications – including the Bible — have endorsed the benefits of daily meditation. Using a particular scripture, this article shows how ‘tithing’ and meditation are one and the same activity. The article also contains a practice technique for meditation.

Powerful Tips for Successful Meditation

Meditation Tips It is nice to live for the moment without worrying about the mistakes from the past and possible difficulties in the future. The reality is that it is quite difficult to simply live for the moment as you wish.

Mindfulness Attitudes – Acceptance

Another in the continuing exploration of the mindfulness attitudes by Helen Morris. This attitude is acceptance, a key support to the ability to engage in awareness and mindfulness. By accepting what we find in the world and within ourselves, without judgement or striving, we are able to achieve an inner calm to support us in our busy lives.

Mindfulness Attitudes – Non-Striving

The Mindfulness attitude of Non-Striving is a challenging one for us all, as the action of not doing, just being, can seem unimportant or at worst, selfish. Nothing could be further from the truth, as I explore in this article about the importance of non-striving.

Mindfulness Attitudes – Beginners Mind

The beginner’s mind is a key attitude in mindfulness and awareness, bringing a childlike quality of curiosity to our lives and experiences. If we see the world in this way, we are more likely to be engaged in the moment, rather than distracted by concerns of the past or the future.

Mindfulness Attitudes – Trust

Mindfulness is in all parts of our lives and the attitudes of mindfulness touch us all. In this article I explore the concept of trust in relation to mindfulness. Trust begins with trusting ourselves and our intuition.

Why Self-Reflection Is Important? Here Are 10 Reasons

Self-reflection is a part of Psychological Mindedness. It is the capacity to look into your conscious thoughts, feelings, and mental state in order to learn more about yourself.

Why Psychological Mindedness Is Important? 10 Reasons

First of all, what is Psychological Mindedness? It’s a construct with multiple aspects that all underline the concept of self-evaluation and conscious reasoning.

Wanting To Control Your Subconscious Mind? 10 Tips To Get You Started

Your subconscious works in peculiar ways. Riding a bicycle comes naturally and that goes for a lot of your everyday activities as well. You owe who you are to your subconscious as a lot of your actions and behaviors are dictated by it as well as your emotional stability and mental health, whether you are aware of it or not.

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