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Stress and Yoga – Find the Life Changing Connection

We all have distress in our lives, and none of us is a stranger to the highs and lows, or stress and anxiety it brings. That stress is not good for you, and it can negatively impact your health and lead to other problems.

Some Tips About Yoga Sandals

Yoga sandals are unlike other types of footwear that are designed for martial arts. They have four supports for your toes to fit into, unlike normal sandals which only have one support.

A Beginners Guide to Yoga – The Five Common Mistakes Made by New Yoga Students

If you have recently started to practice yoga, you may be quite surprised at how your body and mind responds when you practice. To get the most from your yoga class, it is essential you avoid the mistakes, I often see new students make.

Types of Yoga Mat

Yoga is fast becoming popular because of its many health benefits to its practitioners or the yogi. If you are interested in starting yoga, you must first know the required materials in the yoga practice. This will include loose and comfortable clothes, yoga mat and maybe a yoga ball. Indoor yoga is done barefoot and for outdoor yoga, you can wear a sock or a pair of flat shoes.

Yoga For Beginners – Seven Life Lessons Learned From Practicing Yoga

Have you heard of the expression “a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step”? I’ve had the good fortune to practice yoga, on and off for over 18 years and teach it, for nearly five years. To inspire you to practice here are seven personal life lessons I have learned from practicing yoga.

A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga – 2 Minutes to Health and Happiness

When friends or loved ones ask you “how are you feeling?” do you mumble and grumble about how hard life is, how stressed you are and gaze whimsically into the future dreaming of your next holiday? Wouldn’t it be lovely, if you could capture that “Holiday Feeling” anytime you like?

Yoga For Beginners – Eight Easy Ways to Be a Good Yogi

After the exhilaration of attending your first class and chatting with the other students, you begin to realise there is a lot more to yoga, than meets the eye. In the changing room, you overhear snippets of conversation – “yeah, she is a good yogi” or “I know, that wasn’t a very yogic thing to do…” You leave, full and wonder, what is a “Good Yogi?”

A Pregnancy Yoga DVD Aids You in Dealing With Pregnancy

Discover the way a prenatal yoga DVD can help you address the shifts that pregnancy brings. Three great hints on the way a pregnancy yoga DVD could assist you cope with this great change.

Yoga For Beginners – How to Do 3 Easy Yoga Standing Poses

Have you recently started yoga classes? If so, you may have been introduced to a variety of poses. Once you have mastered the basics, it is easier to progress onto stronger variations. However, it is essential you learn the basic poses first.

Beginners Guide to Yoga – How to Do 3 Popular Yoga Balancing Poses

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or have trouble to concentrate? Here are three popular yoga balancing poses for you to practice which will help to calm and focus your mind.

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