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How Yoga Studios Can Attract More Men

Most yoga classes I attend have far more women than men. There is a huge opportunity for yoga studios to attract more men. This article sets out 7 ways a yoga studio can attract more men.

Why Practicing Yoga is Good For the Mind, Body and Soul

Keeping fit and healthy is the aim of all human beings. If you want to live and enjoy the life you have been blessed with then ensuring you are in good health is very essential. Good health comes with taking care of yourself be it your body, mind or soul. Taking care of all three involves eating right, being involved in the right amount of physical activity, thinking right and being happy. When it comes to the aspect of physical exertion and exercising, Yoga comes into the picture.

Yoga Accessories Aren’t Just For Adults – Kids Love Yoga Too!

Once thought of as just for adults, more and more parents are seeing how yoga, introduced at all ages, can help their kids deal with stress, gain acceptance of their bodies and their own independence. Although the approach can be different, the end result can give kids a way to find their own “private space” at any time and regain a way to deal with the stress of the modern child’s life.

Purity – What We Eat, What We Consume

Three key words in business are: location, location, location. Yogis, in the business of enlightenment, can learn something here. Business wisdom advises that if the store is not well placed, success is doubtful no matter how salable the goods.

Benefits of Yoga – New Mixed Martial Arts Training Program Wins

In the fight, Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli, a lack of balance gave the fight advantage and Kimbo lost the fight in eleven seconds. Gain greater balance and flexibility with this secret winning fitness program.

The Basics of the Yogic Head Stand – Sirsha Asan

Yoga is an art that is entirely Indian in origin and practice. The origins of Yoga are buried in antiquity, but most famous saints and rishis have practiced this art. Yoga has two dimensions which are physical as well as spiritual. This is peculiar to the exercise systems that originate from the orient. The western world cannot fathom how an exercise system can have spiritual overtones as well.

What Are the Top Three Things to Take to Yoga Class?

Practicing Yoga can produce great results in overall flexibility and discipline as you continue through the various levels. Most beginners need only a couple of items for their Yoga workouts. These items will help you maintain your focus on your technique and will create a safer environment for your Yoga poses.

How to Keep Your Yoga Mat Safe and Less Smelly

Practicing Yoga can be very rewarding and provide a good workout as you progress. As with any workout, your body will begin to sweat and cause you to slip off the mat when doing various techniques. This is common and can be a major distraction during the workout.

How to Select Proper Mat For Your New Yoga Class

Yoga is a unique experience in integrating mind, body and spirit. Yoga is not meant as an exercise program, but more of a way of life. It provides the foundation of self discipline and relaxation techniques into various poses while incorporating meditation.

The Purpose of Becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher

Why would someone choose to teach Yoga classes? There are many events in life, which just seem to happen, but deciding to go through Yoga teacher training is not one of them. Whether you choose to teach, or your teacher suggests it, there are many different factors to consider if one decides to become a Yoga teacher. The following are thoughts to consider when Yoga students become teachers.

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