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Top 5 Yoga Poses

Yoga is pretty popular these days and for good reasons. It’s the perfect way to calm down and offers great benefits including a greater flexibility and body control. There’re a lot of great programs out there that offers a combination of poses that will help you in curtain areas of your body. In this article I will share 5 of my favorite and most beneficial poses.

What Are the Health Benefits of Prenatal Yoga?

Pregnancy is a life-changing event. The female body undergoes many changes in preparation for the baby that is continually growing inside her womb. As the baby grows bigger, some of the physical activities that women do on a daily basis become tiring and difficult. Even getting out of bed can be a challenge. If your little one is on the way and you find that you need some form of exercise to maintain your fitness regimen, why not try prenatal yoga?

I Don’t Have Time For A Daily Yoga Practice – Actually You Don’t Have Time Not To Practice Daily

I cannot begin to count the number of times a student has told me they don’t have time for a daily yoga practice. So, they come to class once a week and consider that enough.

Think You Are Too Old to Do Yoga, You Are Too Old Not to Do Yoga!

Yoga asanas/exercises reverse the aging process by moving each joint in the body through a full range of motion – stretching, strengthening and balancing each part. This is the opposite to most weight bearing exercises where the muscles are contracted, this leads to a tightened musculoskeletal system which adds to the stiffness and tension that can settle in the body as we age. Yoga asanas/exercises are restorative in nature and help to recharge and revitalise the body’s energy improving strength and flexibility within the body. This helps you cope with stress and can also help to prevent illness, disease and degeneration. It is also fun to be able to find a new freedom within your movements that you may not have experienced since childhood.

Various Bikram Yoga Benefits for Body and Mind

Bikram Yoga Benefits are great for health since the movement combinations are synthesized the traditional yoga techniques which explore the old way to do meditation and self control. Yoga is a good exercise choice for all due to its beneficial results for both physical and psychological sides. Though the original Yoga belongs to Hindu religion field but most people consider Yoga as an exercise that teaches the doers to do concentration to control their senses for reaching positive effects on their bodies.

10 Steps To Start A Yoga Routine For Beginners

Yoga is a fantastic way of getting in shape that’s gaining fast acclaim all over the world. Of course, yoga isn’t just a fitness regimen. It’s also an experience that engages not just the body, but your mind and spirit, too. If you live in Kamloops and you’re looking for a holistic, engaging yoga experience, here are some great tips to help you get started.

The Popularity of Yoga Holidays

Holidays are a vital part of modern life. There is loads of stress that people look forward to escape with different kinds of holiday plans. There are planned long vacations and weekend getaways that are resorted to as a means to rejuvenate the mind and the body.

Ways to Amp Up the Success of Your Yoga

Yoga is a personal journey. Everyone comes to yoga for a different reason. The word “success” means different things to different people.

Yoga for Menopause Relief

Menopause is part of a woman’s life, however, it is very uncomfortable for her. The next thing she would want to do in case menopause occurs is to find something that may relieve her of the unpleasant feelings it brings. Yoga is a proven method. Continue reading this article to find out more about it.

Understanding the Chakras For Beginners

For a beginner, the chakras seem a strange, elusive concept.  Yet, from a yogi perspective, the chakras form the core of human existence. All life forms consists of energy.

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