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How Meditation Mantras Work

Learn all about what mantra meditation is and isn’t. Also learn useful tips and tricks to incorporate this easy form of meditation into your daily life.

Research on Meditation

All meditation methods lead to the relaxation of your mind and body. As you progress in your meditation routine, you will be likely to dis-identify with your mind. The normal state of the mind is aware with your hopes and fears and has no rest. During your meditation, you will not take your mind antics seriously because your fretful self will calm down resulting to relaxation.

How Can Hemi Sync and How to Meditate for Beginners Be Beneficial

It is a well known fact that Hemi Sync and How to Meditate for Beginners are really beneficial. They are helpful in solving several health problems you may be suffering from.

Manifesting Meditation in Four Simple Steps

Manifesting meditation is the process of materializing our desires into the physical world. This is done through increasing the vibration within the body and visualizing our desired outcomes and experiences. Read on to learn some simple steps to manifesting your desires through meditation.

Physical Relaxation Techniques

Physical relaxation techniques help you handle the effects of flight and fight response in your body and lessen muscle tension. This should be done if your mind is already not performing clearly and efficiently especially if under pressure. Some techniques for physical relaxation include deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation and relaxation response.

Mindfulness Meditation to Suppress Anxiety

Many studies have recently shown, much to the delight of the yoga community, that mindfulness meditation is scientifically verified to help reduce anxiety. It is sometimes called mindfulness-based stress reduction, or MBSR, when studied in a scientific setting, but it is a mindful form of meditation through and through. These studies show particular promise for mindfulness meditation in the treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD, and in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy.

Know Thy Self: Meditation Made Simple

An enlightened master was meeting people, and answering their many queries. “Master, I am unhappy. Can you give me the secret of happiness?” asked one. “Yes I can”, said the master, “but before I do, you must know yourself.”

How to Attain the State of “No Mind” in Meditation

Before we get into the meditation technique, first let’s talk about what is termed “no mind” or even in the zen tradition “mind of no mind.” No mind does not necessarily mean no thoughts. Often spiritual seekers manage to stop their thoughts without really experiencing any freedom whatsoever.

Metta Meditation Means Friendship and Results in Loving-Kindness

Loving-kindness is the result of a form of Mindful Metta meditation. Mindful meditative practices help you become more present in the here and now. Loving-kindness leads you to a peaceful acceptance of yourself and of others, even your enemies or those who cause the most disruption in your life. You can use this meditative practice to harness and redirect your thoughts to support you in a calming and comforting state of mind.

Meditation and Breath

Meditation is a wonderful way to cut through the cluttered thoughts of a busy mind. Focusing on breathing will facilitate focus and can increase your ability to express gratitude for aspects of life that are out of your control.

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