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Abdominal Breathing to Reduce Stress and Increase Vitality

How breathing with your abdomen can help you reduce stress, increase vitality and improve your life. Abdominal breathing gives you the ability to relax your body more reducing stress and increasing your well being at the same time.

Three Simple Steps To A Calm Mind in Troubled Teens

There are so many advantages to learning to calm the mind for people of all ages and even more for teens. I find troubled teens and young adults who begin with the smallest of steps in meditation start to be open to taking chances and growing as a person. This column is the first step in that journey…

Buddhist Meditation: 5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Many a times we feel less motivated to meditate. We have heard encouragements from friends – “just do it”, say positive affirmations “I can do it,” discuss about procrastinations and even use a calendar to schedule Buddhist meditation. Is it enough?

What Can Power Naps Do?

Actually Power napping can make all the difference between feeling good next week, and being burned out next month. For those people who continue to push forward, not letting their body recuperate properly from continuous work day in and day out run the risk of becoming sick more often, keeping a foggy state of their mind, and injuring themselves. When you’re at your wits end, and the exhaustion is really taking you over, it is your body’s way of saying, “hey, you should stop and reload,” but many people just ignore what their body is trying to tell them….

Seven Simple Steps To Meditation

These are just some basic steps to any mediation routine. Easy enough for beginners yet can be modified as you gain more experience with meditation.

Distractions and Restlessness: Common Problems During Mediation

Sometimes during a meditation session, with the best will in the world, our mind simply will not settle. The all too common “monkey mind” is jumping from one thing to another. Uninvited thoughts keep popping into your consciousness. Thoughts about the past, both pleasant and not so pleasant.

Alternate Means To De-Stress the Mind

In today’s hectic lifestyle, there is hardly anyone who can boast of a stress-free life. The best way to free oneself of this modern evil is to take the help of hemi-sync. They are easy to follow and have an instant effect.

A Simple Smiling Meditation Technique for Overall Vitality and Peace

Every time you smile, the Universe smiles with you and back at you. Maybe you are aware that your smile has a powerful effect on others, but did you know that it also has a powerful effect on your overall health? A smile is a sign of joy, gratitude, affection, and love, so why not give those to yourself and your body? This simple smiling meditation technique will bring much vitality to all your organs and promote mental peace.

Five Simple Mindfulness Skills That Work

Mindfulness meditation consists of skills and methods to unplug from the busy world around you and from the busy ‘monkey brain’ so often experienced in today’s life and particularly in ADHD, anxiety and depression. According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness meditation trains and reinforces the ability to pay attention to the present moment, on purpose which helps to increase concentration, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, improve mood, decrease the stress response, and improve physical and emotional health. The studies are compelling about the health benefits of mindfulness meditation.

7 Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

1. Meditation helps to improve health: Stress Reduction Meditation has shown to reduce the stress.

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