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How a Simple Pair of Headphones Can Solve Your Major Problems

All of this is based on a curious effect discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, when he used two tones at slightly different frequencies, presented separately one to each of an individual’s ears. The result was a beating tone being perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain.

Understand the Health Benefits of Meditation

Before we get to understand the health benefits and how this works, it would be best to first explore the history or background of the meditation. This is a practice that is associated with the Far East culture.

Free Your Mind For Inner Peace and Good Health

The combination of yoga with meditation has been noted for the development of complete personal wellness. Meditation is defined as the emptying of your consciousness of any and all content. Meditation is a state of mind where there is no experience, where time doesn’t exist, without past or future, where there is no self.

Understanding Brainwave Meditation

Have you heard of the benefits of brainwave meditation on your life? Do you know what is is? Do you realize it has been around for centuries and yet few take advantage of the power. Learn details and give it a try.

What Are Your Options For Meditation Exercises?

There are a lot of different types of meditation exercises. The following information will help you understand the types of meditation exercises you can choose from that can be done alone or with an expert in meditation.

Brain Entrainment in Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Mind Brain Wave Frequency Brainwaves

When the brain is working, electrical activity is happening and this electrical activity actually comes up with what is known as brain wave frequencies. Brain wave patterns are measured in cycles per second, or hertz. Brainwaves come in a variety of different categories.

The Nature of Meditation

Contrary to what we may have heard, the process of meditation is NOT to control our minds, as the very nature of the mind IS to process thoughts. The purpose of meditation is to sharpen our focusing ability and to create a gap between our sense of self and our thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a pathway to re-gaining a sense of control in guiding our thoughts towards better-feeling ones.

How to Relieve Stress, Be More Successful, Have Better Relationships & Better Health and Happiness

No, it doesn’t involve heavy drugs! It’s a very easy yet powerful technology that anyone can do and involves simply sitting still and closing your eyes for a few minutes a day.

Meditation For a Balanced Life

If you think Meditation is only for a select few, then you are robbing yourself of the magic of this ancient practice. Meditation helps to balance you mind, body and spirit.

Why Meditators (People Who Meditate Regularly) Have a Glowing Complexion

Have you ever noticed that people who meditate regularly possess a calm demeanor and glowing complexion? What is it that those people have learned that we have not yet mastered? Why are their faces bright and relaxed while ours are tense and worn?

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