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Treating Infertility With Yoga Practice

You can obtain a fit and fertile body with yoga. Following a sequence of recommended poses, you can minimize the natural aging and malfunctioning of all organs, including eggs, uterus and ovaries. Yoga also makes it possible to increase your reproductive time. Exercise will improve performance of the glands, balance production of hormones in the body and stimulate the eggs to ripen and the ovaries to discharge them. Anxiety and worries, in a woman, disturb her hormones negatively and result in infertility.

The Seven Chakras of Yoga

The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to “wheel” and in Hinduism the entire body is considered to be made up of seven wheels or spirals of energy beginning from the base of the spine and moving upwards to the crown of the head. This is where the basic concept of the seven Chakras of yoga lies. Each of these vortexes of energy represents a specific part of the body and emits a different light.

Can Indigestion Be Improved With Yoga?

Indigestion, acidity, heartburn and constipation are common digestive disorders that can be the result of sluggish metabolism, improper eating habits, busy lifestyle or simply mental stress. Yoga strives to inculcate healthy living and dietary habits; it creates equilibrium of the body and mind. Its postures work out every organ, gland and muscle of the body, shape them up and provide cure from almost every illness.

Common Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

For ages, man has benefited from the rewards of yoga. Yoga postures or ‘asanas’ have the ability to rejuvenate tired limbs, tone internal organs and refresh stressed minds. Some common yoga poses involve different limbs to sit, stand, twist, balance or bend backwards and forwards. Irrespective of their ages, strength, litheness and levels of stamina, people in general, can practice yoga easily.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Hot yoga or exercising in a room where the temperature is raised to 100 degrees Fahrenheit is rising in popularity. Its practitioners value it as the regimen for weight loss and detoxification of the body. For any workout a warm-up session is included to begin; in hot yoga the environment provides warming up of the body. A dynamic performance of a series of postures or asanas generates body heat which then unites with the heat in the room making you sweat profusely and poses practiced under these extreme conditions produce amplified results.

Arthritis Patients Can Benefit From Yoga

Arthritis is an ailment torturing a large population. Its sufferer puts up with stiffness and pain in the limbs and restricted mobility caused by the deterioration of the cartilaginous tissue that protects the joints and facilitates movement; as a result the bones rub against one another affecting pain. Aging, obesity, lifestyle and heredity could be the reasons of arthritis manifesting in poor bone and muscle health. The basic method by which yoga helps an arthritis patient is by bringing a constructive change in the lifestyle. Healthy eating, positive thinking and fixing a day’s schedule productively prove to be very fruitful.

Advanced Yoga Asanas and Their Benefits

Practicing advanced yoga poses requires more energy, power and elasticity of the body than it does for simple and intermediate poses. If you have mastered basic balances, bends, twists, stretches and inversions then you are ready for advanced yoga postures. The Crow, Crane and Peacock poses can be practiced after some strength of the arms is attained. Crow pose invigorates the body, centralizes energy of the mind and brings an absolute calm and strength. Crane pose makes you self-sufficient and powerful inside. Peacock position benefits the digestive organs as the blood is concentrated towards them and their condition becomes better.

Is Yoga Safe For Your Body?

Before you spread out your yoga mat, take a moment to think. It would not be surprising if you have some unrealistic expectations of yourself. Yoga has recently gotten a misleadingly glamorous reputation. It’s borrowed some of Hollywood’s luster without losing its mystical allure.

What is Bikram Yoga?

Also known as ‘hot yoga,’ Bikram yoga is a type of yoga that concentrates on the cleansing of the body and on improving one’s physical strength and endurance. It is practiced in rooms that have a temperature of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) or a bit more.

Linking Yoga and Pilates

When you talk about Pilates, you can’t possibly not talk about Yoga as well. That’s because the latter is a very dominant force on the former’s fundamental principles. Specifically, Yoga is such a big influence in the routines espoused by the Pilates exercise regimen which mainly focuses on gaining physical strength, achieving mental balance and the healthy benefits that come from the combination of both.

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